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Africa Physical

Depression in the earth's surface. Basin
The world's longest river (4,000 miles)flowing through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt. Nile River
The land that sank to form long-thin valleys from continental plates pulling apart. Rift Valley
Africa's highest mountain located in Tanzania. Mt. Kilamanjaro
A steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on top. Escarpment
Oil, gold, platinum, chromium, cobalt, copper, phosphates, diamonds, and other minerals. Africa's Resources
Why is Africa called the plateau continent? Because the majority of Africa as a continent takes on this shape.
Why do you think Africa's abundance of resources has not translated into economic wealth for most of its population? Poor government, civil war, and disorganization make it impossible to become wealthy.
The largest desert in the world located on the Northern part of Africa. Sahara
Stores of underground water. Aquifer
Water that comes moves from underground and comes to the surface then supports vegetation and wildlife in the desert. Oasis
Tropical grassland that covers most of northern Tanzania (the setting of the Lion King). Serengeti Plain
Uppermost layer of branches, about 150 feet above the ground that most animals of the rain forest live in. Canopy
Why does most of Africa have high temperatures? Africa is located right on the equator, which is closest to the sun, therfore provides the warmest temperatures.
A region that contains most of Niger's oil. Niger Delta
Shore of the Sahara desert (has grasslands and is used for farming). Sahel
An expansion of dry conditions into moist areas that are next to deserts as a result of nature's long-term cycle and human activity (which speeds this up). Desertification
Lake Nassar was created behind this dam, which is shared by both Sudan and Egypt. Aswan High Dam
Sediment deposited by a river that creates fertile farmland. Silt
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