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Dressed as a prairie dog, who did Bragger and Kirby see in front of the trophy case? Coach Armstrong
How did Brett McGrew get his nickname? Sank 57 3 pointers in a row in 9th grade P.E.
How did Melissa end her relationship with Mike Armstrong? she told him she found someone else
How do Kirby and Bragger get inside the high school? dressed as a prairie dog for a Halloween dance
How long had it been since the Stuckey basketball team had won a game? 3 years
How long had the prairie dog outfit been used? 3 generations-grandma, mom and Kirby
How long has it been since the Stuckey 7th grade basketball team has won a game? 3 years
Kirby's grandmother gives an article about Brett McGrew from what newspaper? Kansas City Star
On the night Brett McGrew was born, what did the moon over Stuckey look like? a basketball
Under what conditions would the 7th grade team be able to go to Lawrence? Win the opening game against Whipple
What are the names of the two school board members? Mrs. Zimmer and Mr. Dobbs
What basketball record did Brett McGrew not hold? Most steals
What big event was the basketball team invited to attend? The retirement of Brett McGrew's jersey at the University of Kansas
What city and state did the story take place? Stuckey Kansas
What college team did Brett McGrew play for? the University of Kansas
What costume did Bragger and Kirby wear to get into the high school Halloween dance? His grandmother's prairie dog outfit
What did Brett McGrew write on the Double Dribble Café menu? To Mrs. Snodgrass who makes the best biscuits and gravy on the planet
What did coach and Kirby do at the Jayhawk game? Sat on the Jayhawk bench
What did Kirby and Bragger see the coach do in the gym? Brett McGrew's spinning layup
What did Kirby find with the coach's clipboard? Stealth Sportswear receipt
What did Kirby pay for the Brett McGrew's sweat covered towel? $16 and a McNet Rookie of the Year NBA Frisbee
What does Kirby discover when he gets the locker room the night of the Whipple game? the team has new uniforms
What does Kirby find inside the prairie dog head? a medal from a letterman jacket
What does Kirby have for fifth period? P.E. (with Coach Armstrong)
What does Kirby have on the back of his leg? a heart-shaped pink birthmark
What eveidence did Kirby have that Brett McGrew was his father? A jersey in the baby clothes drawer, flowers from the sweetheart dance when his mom danced with Brett McGrew
What final proof do Kirby and Coach Armstrong uncover to prove their relationship? the heart-shaped pink birthmarks on the backs of their legs
What grade is Kirby in? 7th
What grade was Brett McGrew in when he went to KU basketball camp? 7th grade
What had Coach Armstrong always wished for? To sit on the Jayhawk bench
What happened to Kirby's father? he died before Kirby was born
What happens to people who aren't winners and can't control the technology of the new uniforms? their uniforms will turn invisible
What is Bragger's last name? Barnes
What is Brett McGrew's nickname? Brett McNet
What is Kirby's cousin's nickname and real name? Bragger; Brandon
What is the Basketball Capital of Kansas? Stuckey
What is the mascot for Stuckey Middle School? The Prairie Dogs
What is the name of Kirby's new gym teacher? Coach "Iron Man" Mike Armstrong
What is the name of Kirby's school? Stuckey Middle School
What is the name of the business owned by Manning Reece's father? Reece Feed and Grain
What is written on the boxes Coach Armstrong brings to practice? Stealth Sportswear
What NBA team does Brett McGrew play for? the Phoenix Suns
What occurred when Duncan tried to steal the ball from Eddie? He fell, Eddie helped him up and offered praise and advice on how to steal and remain on his feet
What restaurant do Kirby and Bragger go to after school? the Double Dribble Café
What superhero is on Manning Reece's underwear? Spiderman
What was Bragger's real name? How did he get his nickname? Brandon. He couldn't pronounce his real name.
What was Bragger's relationship to Kirby? Cousin
What was Bragger's Step 3 of the plan? To get Kirby elected captain of the basketball team
What was Brett McGrew's famous shot? Spinning layup
What was Brett McGrew's nickname? Brett McNet
What was Coach Armstrong starring at in the trophy case? An old team photo
What was Coach Armstrong's favorite aroma? Sweat
What was Coach Armstrong's favorite saying? Practice till you puke
What was Coach Armstrong's nickname? Iron Man
What was Kirby's first job as team captain? To find the janitor to unlock the supply closet
What was the "Hulk"? The most beat up table in the school cafeteria.
What was the coach's secret weapon? Stealth warmup suit designed by the Marine corps
What was the mascot of Stuckey Middle School? Prairie Dogs
What was the name of the Stuckey café? Double Dribble
What was the ONLY thing in the Double Dribble Café that was not for sale? Menu autographed by Brett McGrew
What was the plan to get Brett McGrew to notice Kirby? To find a picture of Kirby and Brett when he was 13 and show it to him
What were Kirby's qualities to be captain of the basketball team? Honesty, good in Math and good personal hygiene
What were the results of the Stuckey basketball season? 14 and 0 1st Championship season since Brett McGrew
When trying to get injured, Kirby thinks which part of his body is the strongest in history? his ankles
Where and when did Kirby find the Boy's basketball medal? In the prairie dog head as he took it off.
Where did Kirby put the medal? In his underwear drawer, in a lucky Jayhawk sock
Where does Brett McGrew live now? Phoenix, Arizona
Where will the Lawrence-KU game take place? Allen Fieldhouse
Which players says he likes playing basketball in his underwear? Duncan Webber
Who are the school board president and vice president? Mrs. Zimmer; Mr. Dobbs
Who beat Kirby at H-O-R-S-E last summer? his grandmother
Who comes to sit with Bragger with Kirby at the Hulk and ends up causing it to fall? Duncan Webber
Who did Good Morning America send to Stuckey for a broadcast? the weatherman
Who did Kirby buy Brett McGrew's sweat covered towel from? Eddie Poggemeyer
Who does Coach Armstrong say is the most consistent player on the team? Kirby
Who does Kirby live with? his grandmother
Who does Kirby think is his real father? Brett McGrew
Who does the medal found in the prairie dog costume belong to? Coach Mike Armstrong
Who holds the record for the most points in a single NBA game and how many points he did score? Wilt Chamberlain; 100
Who is elected team captain of the boys' basketball team? Kirby Nickel
Who is Kirby's Father? Coach Mike Armstrong
Who is standing in front of the trophy case at the high school when Kirby and Bragger get there? Coach Armstrong
Who is the tallest player on Kirby's team? Manning Reece
Who owned the Double Dribble Café? Mrs. Snodgrass
Whose retired jersey number 13 hangs in Allen Fieldhouse? Wilt Chamberlain's
Why did Bragger and Kirby sneak into the school? To photograph pictures of Brett McGrew in the trophy case
Why did Kirby stand a good chance of making the 7th grade basketball team? There were only 12 boys in the 7th grade
Why did Kirby wear boxer briefs? To hide a heart shaped birthmark
Why was the basketball team chosen to attend the retirement ceremony? They wanted a team to represent Brett's hometown
Created by: williamsib
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