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Ancient Rome

Where did the Roman Civilization arises? Italy
What was the central location? It was the Mediterranean Sea and the Italian Peninsula
What was the geography like and why was it at their advantage? 1. easy to unify 2. Mountains are smaller 3. no isolated valleys
Where did the latins settle? On the Italian Peninsula
Where did they settle? They settled along the Tiber River
Who was northern of them? Etruscans
who was southern of them? Greeks
What were some of the construction methods ? Engineering techniques Adopted some gods and goddesses
What is the legend of Rome Founded by Romulus and Remus
What type of government did the Romans have? Republic
What was the government like? People got to chose some of the governing officals
What does this type of government prevent from happening? Prevent individual from gaining too much control (Dictators)
What does the Senate include? 300* members
What do the members do for thier life? They serve for life
2 were selected to serve a term. Consuls
What did the consuls do? supervise buisness and armies
what was their responsibility to each other? it was to each other
landholding upper class Patricians
Who were the original senate members ? the Partricains
What did the Plebeians include? Farmers, merchants, artisians and traders
What did Tribunes do? protect interests of plebeians in senate
What did the Veto do? Block laws felt harmful to them
What is a dictator? Ruler who has complete control over the government.
When were dictators needed ? In time of war only for 6 months
When was the 12 Tables written? 450 BC
What was the Roman society like for men? head of household absolute power
What was the Roman society like for women? they were loving, dignified and strong They owed property and could run a buisness Patrician women could go the theaters and dine out
Were the Patrician women educated? Yes they were all educated and could read and write
What was the Roman's religion? They were polytheistic
What were some of the gods or goddess that were included? Jupiter- ruled all gods and sky Juno- ruled over marriage Neptune- god of sea Mars- god of war
When did the Romans have most of the Italian Peninsula under their control? 270 BC
What was the basic military unit ? A Legion
What did legion include in numbers of men? 5,000 men
When conquoring, what did the Romans offer? Offered citizenship
Committee that was given the task to compose the Law of the Twelve Tables. Decemviri
Lived in the southern Italian peninsula; influenced Roman law and religion. Greeks
Created by: Sophie ER
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