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Psyc 200 - chpt 21

Adulthood: Cognitive Development

A trend toward increasing avg IQ, found in all developing nations during the 20th century. widely used IQ tests are now renormed abt every 15 yrs. Flynn Effect
A form of intelligence involving the capacity to be intellectually flexible and innovative, divergent rather than convergent. Creative intelligence
A form of intelligence in which intellectual skills used in everyday problem solving, using insight. Product of street smarts/ school of hard knocks, useful for managing conflicting personalities Practical intelligence
A theory which holds that people seek to optimize their development, looking for the best ways to compensate for physical and cognitive losses and to become more proficient at activities they can already do well. Selective optimization with compensation
Someone who is notably more skilled and knowledgable than the avg. person about whichever activities are personally meaningful. Selective expert
Created by: vrias09