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Architecture Ch.01

The world of architecture

Many architectural style developed over the years so that structures would be suited for the ______ and needs of families in various parts of the country. climate
Some house styles that gained popularity over times took on names related to their _____, the period of time when they were developed, or the area of the country in which they were built. shape.
The _____ originated as a fairly small house with a steep roof and no overhang. Cape Cod
An advantage of the gambrel roof is the _______ and usable space. extra headroom
One of the most gracious of all the _____ is the traditional Southern Colonial Colonials
Home ownership and convenience of apartment living are just two advantages of cooperative and ______ Condominiums
Two popular home styles developed over ____ years ago are the Cape Cod and Cape Ann D. 200
The Cape Cod is one of the earliest and best known of the traditional _____ Style. B. Colonial
A primary feature of the Cape Ann home style was its ____ C. Central chimney
The basic roof style of the Cape Ann style is a ____ roof. A. Gambrel
The ______ style house gets its name from the shape of coffee,tea,crackers,and salt boxes found in colonial stores D. Salt Box
The _____ home style is basically a long, low, one-story house that originated in the southwestern part of the United States. C. Ranch
A current trend in architectural design that combines traditional and contemporary influences into design for truly modern structures is called ______ architecture. A. postmodern
_____ are not considered uder the term "public accommodation" by the ADA D. All of the above.
The ADA makes it illegal to engage in what action? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The ADA makes it illegal to discriminate against disabled persons in the areas of employment, public and private transportation, and access to pubic and commercial buildings.
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