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Century 2030-12

human asset accounting Determining and recording the value of an organization's human resources in its statement of financial condition. p245
orientation Introduction of new employees to the organization, their work units, and their jobs. p245
training Acquiring skills or learning concepts to increase the performance of employees. p247
needs assessment Systematic analysis of the specific training activities a business requires to achieve its objectives. p248
on-the-job training (OJT) Normally given by the senior employee or supervisor, training in which the trainee is shown how to perform the job and allowed to do it under the trainer's supervision. p250
vestibule training System in which procedures and equipment similar to those used in the actual job are set up in a special working area called a vestibule. p250
apprenticeship training System in which an employee is given instruction and experience, both on and off the job, in all of the practical and theoretical aspects of the work required in a skilled occupation. craft, or trade. p250
computer-based training Training that allows the trainee to absorb knowledge from the preset computer program and advance his or her knowledge in a self- paced format. p251
management development Process of developing the attitudes and skills necessary to become or remain an effective manager. 251
coaching Carried out by experienced managers, emphasizes the responsibility of all managers for developing employees. p253
job rotation Process in which the trainee goes from one job to another within the organization, generally remaining in each job from six months to a year. p253
case study Training technique that presents real and hypothetical situations for the trainee to analyze. p254
in-basket technique Simulates a realistic situation by requiring each trainee to answer one manager's mail and telephone calls. p255
business game Generally provides a setting of a company and its environment and requires a team of players to make decisions involving company operations. p255
assessment center Utilizes a formal procedure to simulate the problems a person might face in a real managerial situation to evaluate the person's potential as a manager and determine the person's development needs. p256
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