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Geo Ch 19 Voc

World Geography Chapter 19 Vocabulary

fossils containing the most continuous known record of humanity. Olduvai Gorge
the first human creatures to make stone tools. Homo habilis
important trading capital that is from Ethiopia. Aksum
14 European nations met to make rules for dividing Africa. Berlin Conference
a crop grown for direct sale. Cash crops
East African ethnic group that lived on the grasslands in Kenya and Tanzania. Masai
are the largest ethnic group in Kenya. Kikuyu
is an uncontrollable outbreak. Pandemic
a disease caused by HIV that breaks down the immune system. AIDS
causes the disease AIDS and often takes years to develop.causes the disease AIDS and often takes years to develop. HIV
an extreme and long-term shortage of food. Famine
one of the great empires of Africa located on the coast of the Mediterranean. Carthage
a place where ideas and inventions come together to change a region. Cultural Hearth
its another name for Egypt. “Gift of the Nile”
a monotheistic religion based on the teachings of Muhammad. Islam
another name for oil. Black Gold
north African market places, Souks
old section of a North African town or city. Medina
popular Algerian developed by poor urban children as a form of rebellion to expose political unhappiness. Rai
off the coast of Senegal that served as a major departure point for slaves. Goree Island
war chief. Ghana
one in which people use lineages or families whose members are descended from a common ancestor, to govern themselves. Stateless Society
a people who lived in west Africa known for the weaving of colorful kente cloth. Ashanti
cloth contains colorful woven geometric figures with specific meanings. Kente Cloth
celebrates the end of the year’s harvest in India. Sankranti
the movement of the bantu peoples southward throughout Africa. Bantu Migrations
the Belgian king who opened up the African interior to European trade along the Congo River. King Leopold II
the leader of Saire, which is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, brought the country’s businesses under national control. Mobutu Sese Seko
carved boxes containing the skulls and bones of deceased ancestors. Fang sculpture
that came from the republic of Congo and usually causes death very shortly. Ebola virus
a city in what is now Zimbabwe that became the capital of a thriving gold-trading area. Great Zimbabwe
a state that extended throughout all of present-day Zimbabwe except the eastern part. Mutapa Empire
a policy of complete separation of the races. Apartheid
elected South African president in 1994 in the first all-race election. Nelson Mandela
dance that reflects their traditional religious beliefs of a group in South Africa. Qule wa mkulu
a dance performed by healers who wish to cure people of sickness. Vimbuza
dance performed by Yao warriors poked fun at the European desire to march and have parades. Benji dance
Created by: P.V.A.
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