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Europe Test

True or False? Europe is the most densely populated continent. True
What is the population in Europe currently like? Little population growth due to smaller families. Some countries have a shrinking population
What physical feature does Europe resemble? A peninsula
What is supranational cooperation? When some countries give up some of their own affairs to work on goals they share.
The main sources of air pollution are industries and cars
Large sheets of ice glaciers
Thin upper layer of the Earth's crust crust
What happens in the first step in the demographic transition model? High birth rates and high death rates
the study of human populations demography
definition of centripetal force forces that unite
Major cause of the power plant explosion at Chernobyl human error
sudden movement of the Earth's crust earthquake
Which of the following is most likely to be changed by physical processes? Earth's crust
Glaciation is what? the creation and movement of glaciers
physical processes that build and shape land from below the crust- tectonic movement and volcanic activity
The European Union began with the development of a common market
What has Europe's population been like in Europe since 2000? negative growth
What is a major cause of acid rain? burning fossil fuels such as coal to create energy
What tends to wear down mountains? glaciation and erosion
Which of the following is the world's largest country? Russia
Wind, water, ice and gravity all cause what? Erosion
What happens in stage 2 of the demographic transition model? Birth rates are high Death rates drop
What does acid rain cause? damage to structures, dying fish, weakened trees
What is the major cause of earthquakes? movement of tectonic plates
How has the European Union promoted economic cooperation across Europe? It has reduced trade barriers
Where are there lots of volcanos? Hawaiian Islands
A country with an aging population is most likely to face rapidly rising costs for which of the following? increased demands on healthcare
Power plants in Europe's Black Triangle are doing which of the following to reduce acid rain? installing smokestack scrubbers
The liquid rock that erupts from a volcano is called? lava
Which of the following is causing negative population growth in Europe? People are having fewer children Rising costs of childcare More focus on career opportunities
What causes the Earth's surface to wear away? Erosion
Life expectancy is a measure of which of the following in a population? the average age at which people die
What would happen in a country in the EU did not agree with a decision made by the EU government? The country must carry out the decision anyway
Money for childcare and raising retirement age are responses to Europe's declining birth rates
Which of the following was the main pollutant released by the Chernobyl power plant explosion? nuclear radiation
What happens in stage 4 of the demographic transition model? Birth rates drop Death rates remain low
What is most likely to become a centrifugal force within the EU in the future? cultural differences
Transboundary pollution is pollution that starts in one country and crosses into the boundaries of another country
How many steps are there in the demographic transition model? 4
Can acid rain damage buildings? Yes
The European Union has a common flag, anthem, and holiday True
There are two kinds of pollution-what are they? accidental and general
Can materials polluted with nuclear radiation be radioactive? Yes
What causes mountains to form? tectonic movement
If a population is born with an average of 2 children per year it means what? The country is getting older
What is one thing power plants in Europe can do to reduce the impact of acid rain? install smokestack scrubbers
When did pollution in Europe begin? with the Industrial Revolution
What are two ways pollution spreads? Through the air and through water
What can cause glaciers to move? Gravity
Created by: hmward
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