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Utile: L'arte

Medioevo Middle Age
Medievale Medieval
Rinascimento Renaissance
Manierismo Mannerism
Barocco Baroque
Neoclassicismo Neoclassicim
Futurismo Futurism
Surrealismo Surrealism
Tredicesimo Thirteenth
Quattordicesimo Fourteenth
Quindicesimo Fifteenth
Sedicesimo Sicteenth
Diciottesimo Eighteenth
Diciannovesimo Nineteenth
Ventesimo Twentieth
Secolo Century
Il 300 (Trecento) 1300's
Il '400 (Quattrocento) 1400's
Affresco Fresco
Angelo Angel
Annunciazione Annunciation
Architettura Architecture
Autoritratto Self-portrait
Baldacchino Structure over an alter in a church
Bassorilievo Bas relief
Bronzo Bronze
Campanile Bell tower
Castello Castle
Cattedrale Cathedral
Cenacolo Last Supper
Chiaroscuro Use of light and dark
Chiesa Church
Croce latina/greca Latin/Greek cross
Crocifisso Crucifix
Cupola Dome
Dipingere to paint
Dipinto Painting
Disegnare to draw
Disegno Drawing
Duomo Main church of a city
Facciata Facade
Giardino Garden
Marmo Marble
Monastero/convento Monastery/convent
Mosaico Mosaic
Mostra Show,exhibition
Olio su tavola/tela Oil on board/canvas
Palazzo Palace
Piazza City square
Pieta Image showing Mary and dying Christ
Pietra Stone
Pittura Painting
Pittore/pittrice Painter
Ponte Bridge
Prospettiva lineare Linear perspective
Quadro Painting
Restauro Restoration
Ritratto Portrait
Sacra conversazione Painting with Holy Family and saints
Scultura Sculpture
Scultore/scultrice Sculptor
Scolpire to sculpt
Sfumato A painting technique
Stampa Print
Statue Statue
Torre Tower
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