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Seedfolks Characters

Kim Plants 6 lima beans in memory of her father and that starts the garden
Ana Watches Kim's suspicious activity and then digs up the seedlings
Wendell Saves Kim's bean plants and then plants a garden of his own
Gonzalo Finds his uncle looking over the garden. He helps his uncle plant his garden
Leona When she thought about planting goldenrod, she realized the lot needed to be cleared. She tried to speak with someone to clear the trash and then took a bag of smelly trash down to the Public Health Office so someone would listen and remove the trash
Sam Hired a Puerto Rican teenager to make a garden. He also persuades the boy to plant pumpkins instead of mariguana. Organizes water carrying contest and gives winner $20
Virgil Finds a locket when he and his dad planted six garden lots with specialty lettuce to sell. The lettuce starts dying.
Sae Young She grows hot peppers. She buys 3 funnels for people to pour water into narrow containers.
Curtis Planted 6 beefsteak tomato plants to please the woman he loved. He puts up a sign "Lateesha's Tomatoes" so people would not take them.
Nora Helps Mr.Myles plant a flower garden in a trash can.
Maricela Grows radishes unsuccessfully, and then Swiss Chard as part of a program for pregnant teenagers
Amir Plants eggplants, onions, carrots, and cauliflower. Helps clear dumped tires from a patch of corn. Helps catch a purse snatcher
Florence She watches the work of the garden
Royce Watches over Lateesha's Tomatoes. Waters, fixes, fences, weeds because people give him produce from the garden.
Created by: mominter
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