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digital Ir systems

chapter 9

After the plate is scanned by the reader uniy, it is exposed to an intense _________ to erase the exposure. White light.
P.A.C.S networks consist of _________, ________, and _________. Computers. Servers. Archives.
What does P.A.C.S stand for? picture archival and communication systems.
What is PSP? Photostimulable phospor.
How many times can a PSP plate be used? 10,000 times.
How can density be indicated? By the number that corrlates to the amount of exposure.
What does the C.R system equiptment include? A reader for image processing.
What is PSP made up of? Barium Fluorphalide with europium.
What is used th scan the plate in the CR reader? A laser beam.
What is Post-processing? Any change made to the image after the esposure is taken.
Where is Digital Imaging produced, prossesed, viewed, and stored? On a computer.
What are the two types of Digital Imaging? Computed Radiography. Digital radiography.
The C.R reader scans the imaging plate to release stored data in what form? Visable light.
why is Digital radiography reffered to as "Cassette-less"? Because the detector is incorpurated into the x-ray table or up-right wall unit.
What is In-direct conversion in digital radiography equiptment? Data acquisition in which x-ray energy is converted to light and then to an electric signal.
What is Direct conversion in digital radiography equiptment? The x-ray energy is converted directly into an electric signal.
What divice glows when hit by an high energy x-ray photon? The Scintillator.
What is the Scintillator made of? Cesium iodine.
The D.R systems use___________, and __________. Silicon-charged coupled divices.(CCDs) Photostimulable phospor plates. (PSP)
Why should technique charts be used even though the computer gives the ability to manipulate the density and contrast of the image? To avoid unnecessary exposure for the patient.
What limits the field of radiation to the subject being x-rayed? Collimation.
What can inadequate collimation result in? Inapproprite contrast.
How long does it take an exposed I.R to start loseing its image after being opened to light? 15 seconds.
What are the D.R technial considerations? Kilovoltage, part centering, number of exposures, cassette integrity, and collimation.
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