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chpt 7 hist Romans

"bread and circuses" food and entertainment
colosseum place where events and festivals are held
consul chief executive officer of Roman republic; 2 elected each year to run gov and lead army
dictator absolute ruler
imperator commander in chief; latin origin = emperor
insulae roman apartment blocks constructed of concrete w/ wooden beam floors
paterfamilias dominant male head of household, included wife, sons & wives & children, unmarried daughter, slaves
patrician social class of wealthy/powerful landowners, formed ruling class in roman republic
pax romana period of peace and prosperity
plebian social class of minor landholders, crafts ppl, merchants, and small farmers
punic wars conflict as Rome expanded war between Rome and carthage
republic form of gov in which leader isn't a king & certain citizens get right to vote
triumvirate gov by 3 ppl w/ equal power
twelve tables system of law; 450 b.c., product of simple farming society; less sophisticated civil law
Where was rome founded and how did geography influence its development? Palatine hill - crossing for trade peninsula mts. - dividing Italy 7 hills - easy to defend tiber r. - connected to sea, far enough inland to stay safe from pirates
which groups of ppl influences the early development of Rome from small village to major city? Latins, Greeks, Etruscans
which group of Romans compromised the Roman senate? 300 Patricians
how was roman religion practiced & what were their attitudes towards other religions? Practiced - proper rituals Tolerant of other religions
who composed both the first and second triumvirates? First - crassus, pompey, julius Second - octavian, antony, lepidus
caesar's grand nephew, in second triumvirate made imperator, brought peace to yrs of civil wars augustus/octavian
1st triumvirate, killed in battle crassus
carthages most successful military commander rampaged Italy brought rome to brink of defeat hannibal
dictator, 1st triumvirate, killed julius caesar
2nd triumvirate, killed lepidus
2nd triumvirate, suicide marc antony
military leader paid soldiers, dictator 4 times marius
1st triumvirate pompey
defeats hannibal scipio africanus
gladiator led slave revolt, defeated many armies; crucified spartacus
order of 5 " julian" emperors augustus, tiberius, caligula, claudius, nero
sequence of events hannibal crosses the alps/attacks italy scipio africanus attacks carthage octavian vs antony (civil war) 5 julian emperors pax romana
Created by: sf321
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