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Rivera - Drivers Ed

BTHS - Drivers Ed- Chapter 5

If you have brake failure, what should you do? shift into a lower gear, pump the brake pedal fast and hard several times, if not, use the emergency brake
If you have a tire blow out or a flat tire, what should you do? hold steering wheel firmly and keep vehicle straight while slowing down. Do not use the brakes, just take your foot off of the pedal
If you car runs off the pavement, what should you do? stay on shoulder and ease up on gas pedal. After car slows down, gradually pull back onto the road. Only turn your steering wheel a 1/4 turn to gradually get back on the road.
When should you use snow tires? November 15 until April 1
How can you communicate with other drivers? 1) horn 2) turn signals 3) flick of the headlights
How do you prevent a collision? be prepared, alert, and act in time
What is tailgating? following too closely to the car in front of you
What is the "rule" for the following distance of a car in front of you? one car length back (20 ft.) for EVERY 10 miles per hour of speed
What is the Three-Seconds-Plus rule? Find an object in front of you, once the car in front of you reaches that object, count 3 seconds. If you reach the object in less than 3 seconds, you need more distance between you and the car in front.
How should you drive in the city? look at least 12 seconds ahead, drive slowly, watch other cars and people
How do you avoid a skid? take foot off the gas pedal and turn in the direction the rear of the car is turning
What is hydroplaning and how do you prevent it? tires ride on wet film of water-take your foot off the gas to avoid this slow down and drive on the highest point of the road
How do you get rid of a tailgater? slow down and let them pass
What should you do if you drive through a deep puddle? pump brakes
If you cannot avoid a collision, how can you lessen the impact? hit something that moves such as bushes, or shrubs - not something head on that is hard
Why are roadways very slippery when it first starts to rain? water causes oil to rise
How can you prevent highway hypnosis? move eyes to different objects
What is a space cushion? space between your car and the other car to provide room to react
What is the penalty for leaving a car idling for more than 3 min? a fine
A driver should maintain what following distance on snow covered roads? p. 84 increase distance to 4 or more seconds 20 MPH = 2 car lengths 20 MPH = 6 car lengths in snow
What should you do if your gas pedal sticks? keep your eyes on the road and shift car to neutral- safely get car off roadway
Failure to remove snow and ice from a vehicle will result in what type of penalty? $25 - $75
Motorists are subject to double fines for violations committed in what areas? safe corridors, construction & work zones, 10 mi over speed limit in 65 MPH zone
When driving at night, a driver must be able to stop: within the distance you can see ahead with headlights
When driving in reverse, a motorist should look out which car window? Back (rear) window, do not use mirrors
If snow or ice damages a car due to failure to remove snow and ice from a vehicle will result in what type of penalty? fine of $200 - $1000
Created by: Ms Riv