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Unit 9 Vocab

7-5 Petersen Unit 9: Ch. 26-27 (Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica)

coral reef structure at or near the water's surface formed by the skeletons of small sea animals
outback inland regions of Austrailia
station cattle or sheep ranch in Austrailia
marsupial mammal that carries its young in a pouch
boomerang Austrailian weapon that is flat, bent, and made of wood that either strikes a target or curves and sails back to the person who threw it
bush rural area of Austrailia
geyser spring of water heated by molten rock inside the earth so that, from time to time, it shoots hot water into the air
manuka small shrub of New Zealand
fjord steep sided valley cut into mountains by the action of glaciers
geothermal energy electricity produced by natural undergroud sources of steam
hydroelectric power electricity generated by flowing water
cacao tropical tree whose seeds are used to make chocolate and cocao
copra dried coconut meat, which is used to make margarine, soap, and other products
pidgin language language formed by combining elements of several different languages
high island Pacific island formed by volcanic activity
low island Pacific island formed of coral and having little vegetation
atoll low lying, ring shaped island that surrounds a lagoon
phosphate mineral salt used in fertilizers
trust territory area temporarily placed under control of another nation
crevasse deep crack in the Antarctic ice cap
ice shelf layer of ice above water in Antarctica
iceberg chunk of a glacier that has broken away and floars free in the ocean
krill tiny, shrimplike animal that lives in waters off Antarctica and is food for many other creatures
ozone type of oxygen that forms a layer in the atmosphere and protects all living things on the earth from certain harmful rays of the sun
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