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Feeding (Int 2)

Nutrients and life stage feeding

Name the fat soluable vitamins A,D,E,K
Which nutrients provide energy Protein, Carbohydrates and fats
What is a macro-mineral and name 2 These are minerals found in larger quantities in the body.Eg CALCIUM CHLORIDE & SODIUM POTASSIUM MAGNESIUM IRON
List THREE different types of Carbohydrate that the body may use:Used QuicklyReleased SlowlyNot easily Digested Used Quickly - SUGARSReleased Slowly - STARCHESNot easily Digested - FIBRE
How can we provide a good supply of protein to an older dog without stressing the kidneys? What foods would provide this? Feed protein of a high biological value - Eg FISH, CHICKEN
What type of nutrient would help to provide a cheap source of energy to a working dog? CARBOHYDRATE
Why is Vitamin C an essential requirement in Guinea Pigs food? Vitamin C cannot be synthesised (made) by the G.P. and so requires to be supplemented in the food.
Name the non-energy nutrients Vitamins, Minerals and water
What is the main function of fats in a diet? Make the foods more palatable, add flavour.
What dietary adjustments would be made for an obese animal Feed a low fat diet, specific weight loss dietIncrease the amount of fibre - this will bulk out the diet and make the animal feel fuller for longer.
What is the function of Vitamin A Maintains healthy eyes and vision
Name 2 functions of water REQUIRED FOR ALL BODILY PROCESSES - Temperature reguationHomeostasisExcretion of waste productsTransport medium for other absorbed nutrients
Why are carbohydrates important in an animals diet? Provide a cheap source of energyComposed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in the form of sugars or longer sugar chains called starches.Broken down to the simplest form of sugar to be used by the body.
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