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R2 2B

Realidades2 2B Vocabulary p.124

esa entrada that entrance
una ganga a bargain
este letrero this sign
una liquidación a sale
las liquidaciones the sales
aquel mercado that outdoor market over there
aquella salida that exit over there
¿De qué está hecho? What is it made of?
estos colores claros these light colors
de sólo un color solid-colored
azul oscuro dark blue
de colores pastel pastel colored
un color tan vivo so bright a color
ese suéter de lana allí that wool sweater there
esos zapatos hechos de cuero those shoes made of leather
esta camisa de seda this silk shirt
una camiseta de algodón a cotton t-shirt
ropa hecha de tela sintética clothing made from synthetic fabric
precios altos high prices
precios bajos low prices
en la caja at the cash register
la cajera the cashier-f
el cajero the cashier-m
los cheques personales the personal checks
un cheque de viajero a traveler's check
el cupón de regalo the gift certificate
en efectivo cash
gastar dinero to spend money
tan importante so important
una tarjeta de crédito a credit card
pantalones apretados tight pants
escoger to choose
escojo I choose
escogí I chose
escogemos we choose
escogimos we chose
ella escoge she chooses
usted escogió you chose
estar de moda to be in fashion
ropa de estilo exagerado outrageous-style clothes
una blusa floja a loose blouse
inmediatamente immediately
de talla mediana medium-sized
el número de mis zapatos my shoe size
¿Qué vas a probarte? What are you going to try on?
Me pruebo estos jeans. I'm trying on these jeans.
Me probé esos jeans. I tried on those jeans.
anunciar to announce
No puedo encontrar mi bolígrafo. I can't find my pen.
en realidad really
Me importan mis notas. My grades matter to me.
Te importa mucho. It matters a lot to you.
No me importa la marca. The brand doesn't matter to me.
me parece que it seems to me that
¿Qué te parece? How does it seem to you?
recientemente recently
miré I looked at
busqué I looked for
aprendí I learned
pagué I paid
almorcé I ate lunch
empecé I began
escribí I wrote
tú te probaste you tried on
tú aprendiste you learned
tú escribiste you wrote
él habló he spoke
ella vivió she lived
pagamos ayer we paid yesterday
comprendimos we understood
escribimos ayer we wrote yesterday
vosotros mirasteis you all looked at
vosotros aprendisteis you all learned
vosotros vivisteis you all lived
ellos comieron they ate
ellos compraron they bought
ustedes escribieron you all wrote
esas personas those people
estas toallas these towels
aquellos libros those books over there
aquellas carteras those wallets over there
Created by: AC Grover