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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Thanksgiving Words Vocabulaire pour la fête French 2010-01-18 AC Grover 22 0 edit
DF Blanc U3 L9 Food vocab. for DF Blanc Nouveau French 2010-03-14 AC Grover 108 0 edit
R2 3A Realidades2 3A Vocabulary pp. 126-7 and p. 152 Spanish 2010-03-14 AC Grover 109 0 edit
R2 2B Realidades2 2B Vocabulary p.124 Spanish 2012-11-08 AC Grover 81 0 edit
DF Blanc U7 L25 Clothing and accessories French 2010-03-14 AC Grover 70 0 edit
DF Blanc U7 L26 Cardinal and ordinal numbers, irregular adjectives, adverb formation French 2010-03-14 AC Grover 52 0 edit
DF Blanc U7 L27 Vocabulary, comparatives, and superlatives-Avoid Type-in & Crossword French 2010-03-14 AC Grover 33 0 edit
DF Blanc U3 L12 Quantity Expressions French 2010-04-14 AC Grover 26 0 edit
R2 3B Realidades2 3B Vocabulary pp.154-5, 180 Spanish 2010-04-12 AC Grover 101 1 edit
DF Blanc U8 L29 Vacances et voyages French 2010-05-01 AC Grover 90 0 edit
DF Blanc U4 L13 vocabulary for shows, movies, invitations French 2010-05-18 AC Grover 54 0 edit
Descubre 1 L8a La comida pp262-265 Spanish 2012-05-08 AC Grover 92 0 edit
Realidades 1, 6A Vocabulary, comparisons, superlatives Spanish 2014-02-05 AC Grover 63 1 edit
Realidades 1 7B Shopping at the mall Spanish 2014-05-09 AC Grover 55 1 edit
DF Rouge U4-1 Comment faire des achats French 2014-04-05 AC Grover 66 0 edit
DF Bleu Leçon 27 1st and 2nd person object pronouns, devoir, pouvoir French 2014-04-05 AC Grover 24 0 edit
DF Bleu Leçon 28 3rd person object pronouns, connaître, dire, écrire French 2014-04-05 AC Grover 44 0 edit
DF Rouge U5-1 Voyager French 2014-06-07 AC Grover 33 0 edit
DF Rouge U5-2 Projets de voyage French 2014-06-07 AC Grover 99 0 edit
Bien Dit 1 Ch4 Voc2 School supplies, Ask about buying p141 French 2015-05-06 AC Grover 59 0 edit
BienDit1 C4V2 contxt Contextual use of Chapter 4, Vocab. List 2 p141 French 2015-05-06 AC Grover 11 0 edit
Bien Dit 1 Ch5 Voc2 Invitations, plans, avoir expressions, aller + infinitive, venir de French 2018-10-09 AC Grover 69 1 edit
Bien Dit 1 Ch5 Voc1 Faire, activités et passe-temps, saisons, mois French 2015-05-14 AC Grover 66 0 edit

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