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Chapter 9

Writing and Spelling

When should you schedule writing conferences? Toward the end of each day. Each student should have a folder so that the teacher can review their work.
How long should you give a student with a behavioral/special need to write? An adequate amount of time according to their special need. They will not be able to produce something good if sufficient amount of time is not given.
What is the toughest writing process for children to master? Punctuation. Provide checklists for students to look through after they have completed a writing assignment to make sure they have used proper punctuation.
What are the elements of writing? Planning,composing,revising, editing, and publishing. All of which are equally important steps.
Why is planning important? Planning is important so that you are able to organize your thougths before putting them to paper. If you don't plan, your eassy can be very unorganized.
Why should I revise? To catch errors or add items to your paper. It's also a good idea to have someone else revise your paper to give you more ideas.
What are some prewriting strategies? Bubble maps, spider maps, tree map, and many other graphic organizers.
How to promote writing? Have parents work with their kids at home. Parents can have their children write recipes or write on paper what they want to do on the weekends. Children will become more interested if parents make it fun.
What are the four steps in revising a paper that has been written? Compare/Diagnose, tactic operations, compare, diagnose and operate.
Why should a teacher have students keep a spelling chart? The student and teacher can monitor spelling progress throughout the year.
How can a teacher assess writing skills? The teacher can verbally assess writing skills by asking students questions about what they would change in a given sentence, what characteristics are missing, and if there are punctuation errors.
How can a teacher lower behavioral problems during a writing activity? The teacher can have all materials set up and have the tasks written on the board. The student with the behavioral problem should not have any time to goof around.
Can students talk while writing? At times, students should be allowed to share ideas with one another. A classmate may make a recommendation that could improve a story. Too much collaboration is not a good idea as students need to write on their own.
Should all students plan their writing the same way? A teacher should teach on way to plan before writing a story. However, if a student feels more comfortable planning another way, the teacher can take this into consideration and allow the student to continue if all elements are present.
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