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Holt World Geography

Chapter 17

when religion is kept separate from government secular
the scattering of the Jewish population Diaspora
a nationalist movement calling for Jews to establish a Jewish state in their ancient homeland Zionism
proper in Hebrew, used to refer to Jewish dietary laws kosher
large farm where people share everything in common kibbutz
Arabic-speaking nomads who mostly live in the deserts of Southwest Asia Bedouins
the capital and Jordan's largest city Amman
the capital of Lebanon Beirut
the capital of Syria Damascus
a small, crowded piece of coastal land where more than a million Palestinians live Gaza
capital of Turkey Ankara renamed Istanbul
a desert of rock and gravel covering much of Syria and Jordan Syrian Desert
a sea containing little life Dead Sea
a river that begins in Syria and flows south through Israel and Jordan emptying in the Dead Sea Jordan River
Created by: Karen Copanic