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Geo Ch 13 voc

World Geography Chapter 13 Vocabulary

is a political unit made up of a city and its surrounding lands. City-State
a government in which citizens elect representatives to rule on their behalf. Republic
Eastern Roman Empire Byzantine Empire
a series of wars launched by European Christians in 1096 to capture the Holy Land from Muslims. Crusades
a time of renewed interest in learning and in the arts in Italy. Renaissance
languages that evolved from Latin/ Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Romance Languages
a structure that carries water over long distances. Aqueducts
bubonic plague. Black Death
the study of society. Sociology
economic system of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Benelux
a period when many Christians broke away from the Catholic Church and started Protestant churches. Reformation
it is a political system in which powerful lords own most of the land. Feudalism
is the belief that people should be loyal to their nation. Nationalism
a program of mass murder of European Jews and other minorities. Holocuast
the capital city of Berlin separated the east and west. Berlin Wall
the world's fastest speed train owned by France. TGV
a region now divided among France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Flanders
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Nordic Countries
is a representative lawmaking body that combines legislative and law making functions. Parliament
the section of Scotland known for its high-tech companies. Silicon Glen
a common currency proposed by the European Union. Euro
is a form of football played in Europe. Rugby
is played with a ball, a bat, and wickets. Cricket
a place where cultures cross paths. Cultural Crossroads
breaking up a region into small, hostile units. Balkanization
nations dominated by another country. Satellite Nations
Economic system where goods are produced to consumers' demand. Market Economy
is produced by rural people with traditional lifestyles. Folk Art
is discrimination against Jewish people. Anti-semitism
gypsy people who are scattered across Eastern Europe. Romany
Created by: P.V.A.
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