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201 exam 1

Board of Physical Therapy

purpose of a board Public protection Help ensure competence Maintain standards of practice
duties and responsibilities of the board public protection (access to safe and competent care) Promote, communicate & enforce rules Help ensure compliance through regulation & discipline Help ensure competency: entry and continued
Physical therapy board vs APTAWA board protects public, APTAWA promotes profession, anyone can join APTAWA, but board is smaller number of people who serve terms
purpose of APTA WA Purpose Membership Service
Licensure qualification by examination and educational prerequisites; title is protected and scope of practice is restricted to only those licensed
certification voluntary process recognizing qualification by examination and meeting established educational prerequisites; and protects the title of practice
Registration requires formal notification of the department of health identifying the practitioner, and does not require qualifying examinations
the board of physical therapy is a ____ appointed committee governor
requirements to be on the board of physical therapy Four Year Terms Reside in Washington At Least 5 Years of Practice one Public Member
how often does board meet? on a quarterly basis
how does the rule change process work? rules review, then rules drafting, notice and comment period, rules adoption hearing, rules take effect
at what points in the rule change process is the public included? rules review, rules drafting, notice and common period
how long does it take for rules to take effect after they are adopted? 31 days
purpose of rulemaking activities Protection of public health To involve stakeholders Create fair, effective and easily understood rules Focus on need, costs and coordination with other agencies
RCW (revised code of Washington) written by the Washington State Legislature. Once legislation is signed by the Governor, it becomes law. Only the legislature can change or repeal a RCW.
WAC (Washington Administrative code) written to implement the statute, and provide interpretive support for the individuals or entities to whom the rule applies.
physical therapy rules are written and adopted by _____ , with review by the Secretary of Health. They carry the full force of the law. the Board of Physical Therapy
UDA (uniform disciplinary act) laws governing the licensure and discipline procedures for health-care professionals. This statute strengthens and consolidates disciplinary procedures for health-care practitioners; DOH rules help to implement it.
entry level competency requirements Graduate from a CAPTE program Take the NPTE - Register online Pass with a score of at least 600 Maximum of six attempts or two scores under 400
what things can only the PT do? evaluation, treatment plan, treatment goals and discharge plan
direct supervision Is continuously on the premises. Is immediately available to assist, and The patient has been examined by the physical therapist at such time as acceptable physical therapy practice requires, consistent with the delegated health care task.
how did covid change supervision rules in outpatient PT? can now do indirect supervision, may be permanently changed
indirect supervision Is not on the premises, but has given either written or oral instructions for treatment of the patient, and The patient has been examined by the physical therapist at such time as acceptable health care practice requires
how many assistive personnel can the PT supervise 3:1 ratio plus two students
how often does the treatment plan need to be re-evaluated every 30 days or every 5th visit, whichever is the later
supervision for interim permit holders direct supervision and co-signature on notes RCW 18.74.075(2)
supervision for PTA's direct or indirect supervision WAC 246-915-010(5),(6); RCW 18.74.180(3)(a)
supervision for aides direct supervision RCW 18.74.130(2); RCW 18.74.180(3)(b)
how many hours of continuing ed does the PT vs the PTA need? 32 hrs PT, 24 PTA every two years
how much professional experience does the the PTA need? 200 hours every 2 years
how long do you need to keep continuing ed records for 4 years
when do license holders need to complete suicide risk assessment course within the first license renewal
mandatory reporting you must report it to the board if: - Another therapist has committed unprofessional conduct - A PT/PTA is unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety as the result of a physical or mental condition
penalty for unlicensed practice Cease and Desist Civil Fine Gross Misdemeanor
why was FSBPT established? to provide an organization through which member licensing authorities could work together to promote and protect public health, welfare and safety.
what states foes FSBPT include? all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.
what does FSBPT membership include? jurisdiction member boards that regulate the practice of physical therapy, affiliate members, associate members and honorary members.
what did FSBPT do in 2000-2003 regarding the NPTE Brought the National Physical Therapy Examination* development process and the item bank in house. Additionally, they developed a system for registering online for the exam
when was FSBPT formed? 1986
who can get an interim permit? graduates who are waiting to take the exam and have graduated from an approved school.
if you fail the NPTE can you continue practicing with an interim permit? no, you must stop practicing immediately
when did WA joint the PT compact? 2017 WA was the 10th state to joint
how many states are a part of the PT compact? 29
when can you apply for a privilege to practice in another compact state? if you live in a state with compact privileges
your license means you have the responsibility to do what 3 things? Provide the highest degree of professional competence; Recognize boundaries of your professional competencies; Read and be familiar with PT/PTA laws
Created by: bdavis53102
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