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OGT Permutations Com

OGT Permutations and Combinations calculator 18 cards 3 slides (try targets)

Order does not matter in ____ Combination
If the order matters it is a ___ Permutation
On the OGT Calculator, Permutations and Combinations are found by using the ___ button PRB
True or false, the formula for permutations and combinations is found on the OGT reference sheet True
True or false, you don't need to use the formula to find the number of permutations or combinations True, it is built into the OGT Calculator
If Rick J. has 5 shirts, 4 pants, and three pairs of shoes in his luggage, how many outfits with one of each can he choose from? 60, you could draw a TREE DIAGRAM, or use the fundamental rule of counting (5 x 4 x 3)
Where is the "!" button on the OGT calculator? It is found by pushing the PRB button and then arrowing over two times.
What Mathematical operation is the same as 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 ? 7!
How many ways are there to arrange 9 items in different orders? 362880 (9! on the calculator)
If you have 9 items but you are picking a first place and second place item. How many possibilities are there? 72. It is a permutation of 9 items picking 2 (order matters). On the calculator 9P2.
Why are there always fewer combinations for a situation than permutations. Because A,B,C, and C,B,A and A,C,B and B,A,C and B,C,A and C,A,B make 6 different outcomes if order matters, but just one group if order does not matter.
If you have a class of 17 people and you are going to select three of them to be fed to the phiranas, would that be a permutation or combination? Combination
If your class of 17 people was going to select 3 people to compete against Lady Gaga in a boxing match one at a time, would that be a permutation or a combination? Permutation
What button do you use if you are going to see how many arrangements there are of ALL the items? the factorial button, "!"
nPr, nCr, ! are found where? the PRB button
What does the r in nPr and nCr represent? the number of items you are selecting
What does the n in nPr and nCr represent? the total number of items in the set
Created by: JHS