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Math OGT Quick Tips

OGT Math Last Minute Quick Tips from Jackson High School

1 year has ___ weeks 52
Every time you hear percent you should think ___ ___ of what
what is the Percent memory tip IS over OF = Percent over 100
how do you remember the number sets? Ninja Numchucks Will Not Injure Raphael's Neck Remaining Neutral
On the calculator how do you get a YELLOW function (printed above the keys) first press the yellow "2nd" key
What do you do before guessing? get rid of one or two answers you think can't be right
any number to the zero power is ___ 1
The sum of the measure of the angles of a triangle always equals ____ 180ᅡᄚ
Irrational numbers are the numbers that cannot be written as a fraction of integers. They are decimals that never end and never repeat like pi
to remember sin, cos, and tan use ____ SohCahToa
Percent means ___ ___ over 100
probability favorable outcomes/ total possible outcomes
odds favorable / unfavorable
the power in scientific notation tells you ___ how many places to slide the decimal point (pos - right, neg - left)
Plotting points (x,y) is just like ____ reading: Left or right, then up or down
To enter a number in scientific notation on the OGT Calculator use the ___ button EE (a second function button)
to turn 9853.4215 into Scientific Notation, type the number then, 2nd, Sci/Eng, arrow over to SCI, enter, enter (twice)
on the OGT calculator (-) is used to change the sign of a number
the diameter is 2 times the ____ radius
1st - read the question, then ____ read it again, then read it again
every time you touch the calculator, press the ___ button All Clear
y = mx + ____ b ( the y-intercept)
the m in y=mx + b stands for ___ slope
each calculation with the OGT calculator should be done ___ twice
If you get stuck on a problem ___ move on and come back to it later
nPr is the function under the PRB sub menu that allows you to calculate a ___ Permutation
nCr is the function under the PRB sub menus that allows you to calcualate a ___ Combination
The difference between a permutation and a combination is that the order does NOT matter in a ___ Combination
the " ^ " button is used for entering ___ powers
If all your answers are in scientific notation, you can switch back by selecting ___ under the SCI/ENG button sub menu FLO for floating decimal point
"Please Electrocute my dad and sister" helps you remember PEMDAS or the ____ of operations Order
Each piece of a box and whisker plot represents one ___ of the data fourth
Probability and odds have the same top number but ____ bottom numbers Different
a ___ is a 3D shape that has two congruent parallel bases Prism
A pyramid has only 1 ___ Base
A four-sided figure has ___ degrees 360
Created by: JHS