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Module 8

Section 4: Employer and employee responsibilities under HIPAA

Who is responsible for overseeing a company's overall adherence to HIPAA? A privacy officer
What procedures must be outlined in the Notice of Privacy Practice (NPP) Procedures for the complaint process
What must an employer do if an employee violates the Privacy Rule? Enforce sanctions
Range of civil penalties that can be imposed by Health and Hunan Services (HHS) per violations of the Privacy Rule $100 to $50,000 per violation
In which situation can an individual face up to five years of prison for violating the Privacy Rule? If protected health information was obtained under false pretenses
In which situation can an individual face up to 10 years of prison for violating the Privacy Rule? If protected health information was obtained for personal gain or malicious harm
Checklist for procedures an employee should know to adhere to the Privacy Rule How does their pharmacy provide the notice of Privacy Practice (NPP) to patients How does their pharmacy collect acknowledgement signatures? How should they handle requests related to exercising patient rights? How should they handle patient privacy complaints? How should they dispose of protected health information (PHI)?
Rules and principles employees should follow to adhere to the Privacy Rule The minimum necessary rule and the keep-it-simple principle
What should a pharmacy technician do if they suspect a violation of the the Privacy Rule? Follow company policies and procedures for reporting the violation.
Information included in a typical Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) Patient's health information rights Examples of how the pharmacy may use and disclose protected health information (PHI) Other uses and disclosures of PHI Contact information for reporting a proglem Effective date
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