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Seeram Rad Prot

Radiation Protection

An effect for which the probability of occurence increases with increasing radiation dose is termed? Stochastic effect
An effect for which the severity of the effect increases with increasing dose and for which a threshold dose exists is referred to as; Deterministic effect/ nonstochastic
Name some Late somatic effects cataracts,CA,embryo effects,life span shortening
What does ALARA stand for? As low as reasonably achievable
What are the two types of radiation? particulate and electromagnetic
Electromagnetic radiation includes what kinds of radiation? X-rays and Gamma rays
The x-ray is most closely related to what other type of radiation? Gamma
Scintillators that are in personnel monitoring devices emit _____ when exposed to ionizing radiation. Light
Where should you wear your personnel monitor device? Collar level, outside of the apron
The most common type of personnel monitoring device is? OSL
Alpha particles contain what? 2 protons and 2 neutrons
For x-rays and gamma rays ,biological damage is the result of what type of interactions? Direct(DNA) and Indirect(interact w/ h20molecule)
What are somatic effects? biologic effects that happen in all tissue and individuals except genetic
Genetic effects affect what? the DNA and the next generation of children
One joule of energy absorbed in each kilogram of absorbing material defines the>? Gray
Radiation rating factor for x-ray and gamma? 1
The sum of the weighted equivalent doses for all irradiated tissues and organs is? Effective dose
A device that detects radiation contamination w/ no actual measurement? Geiger Muller surveyor
Negatively charged and are very light and identical to electrons? beta particles
An inner shell e- is knocked out of orbit causing a photoelectron is known as what type of interaction Photoelectric absorption
When an X-ray photon comes in and hits a loosley bound outer shell e-, causing a scatter e- and a photon with less energy is? Compton Scattering
Name some Early Somatic effects. Hematopoietic(blood changes), GI syndrome, CNS syndrome
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