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English II vocabular

semester 2

To Embarass Abash
A Strong Desire Compulsion
Questionable Dubious
Unplanned Haphazard
Not as strict Lax
Gloomy or sad Morose
Unable to see through Opaque
Calm Phlegmatic
Possible Plausible
Comfort Solace
Agree Acquiesce
Harmless Benign
Harmful Noxious
Content Complacent
Worthless trash Dross
Worry Fret
Angry about unfairness Indignant
Weep, mourn, moan Lament
Generous Munificent
Starving Ravenous
Having both feelings Ambivalent
Fear of public places Agoraphobia
False, hurtful information (rumor) Canard
Lack of respect Contempt
Worthy of hatred Deplorable
to annoy Gall
repetitious list Litany
Predict Prognosticate
Unwilling to speak Reticent
Speak excitedly Rhapsodize
Not easily impressed Blase
Stray from the topic Digress
Careful with money Frugal
Lacking sense Inane
Jumbled mess Mishmash
Dull, monotone, humdrum Monotonous
To calm Pacify
Lacking respect towards religion Profane
To smother Stifle
Stupid Vacuous
Unreasonable Arbitrary
Something that destroys Bane
Satan Beelzebub
Use God's name as a swear blaspheme
Lust Lechery
Intend to harm Malice
Deadly Pernicious
To cleanse Purge
Holiness, sacredness Sancitity
Truth Verity
Under way Afoot
Loud, unpleasant noise Cacophony
Skillful with hands Dexterous
Small Diminutive
Pay attention to Heed
Difficult situation Quagmire
Fascinated Rapt
Very little Scant
Actor/actress Thespian
Restraint Trammel
Obvious Blatant
Passion Fervor
Interruption Hiatus
Cannot be penetrated Impervious
Unable to speak clearly Inarticulate
Not obvious Inscrutable
Rebellion Mutiny
Near sightedness Myopia
Complain or whine Sniveling
Arm of a plant Tendril
Remorseful Contrite
Random Desultory
Done in secret Furtive
Spiral motion Gyration
Magical spell Incantation
Unusual paleness pallor
Uneasy feeling Qualm
Stern disapproval Rebuke
Firm in purpose Steadfast
Eating a lot of food Voracious
Created by: a_hackett