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1965 PL89-333: Vocational Rehab Act Amendments
Vocational Rehab Act Amendments Authorized the use of sign terps as a service 4 hearing impaired client in voc rehab environment
1973 Rehab Act: Section 504
Rehab Act: Section 504 Any place that receives Federal Money must remove obstacles to services (terps)
1974 FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act K-12 – Rights exercised by Parents ‘til 18 & Post-Secondary – Rights exercised by Student regardless of age
1975 PL 94-142: Education of all handicapped children act
PL 94-142: Education of all handicapped children act FAPE – Free and Appropriate Education/ LRE – Least Restrictive Environment /IEP – Individual Educational/ Plan Effects ages 5-21
1986 PL 94-142: Amendments
PL 94-142: Amendments Early Intervention – birth to 3 & Educational Services – 3-4
1990 ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act Civil Rights Law = Equal access
1990 IDEA Reauthorization of PL 94-142: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDEA Change in terminology from handicap to disability /Still includes – FAPE
1996 Colorado Law: Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights
Colorado Law: Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights Communication Plan
1997 Colorado Law House Bill 97-1146: Concerning Standards For Educational Interpreters for the Deaf
Colorado Law House Bill 97-1146 Created Ed Terp standards committee for this purpose of making recommendations on the minimum standards for educational terps in public schools/Min Requirement 3.5 on EIPA / 17 member committee
2001 NCLB: No Child Left Behind
NCLB: No Child Left Behind Goal = to improve standards
2006 CRS 13-90-201: Legal Interpreting
CRS 13-90-201: Legal Interpreting Need mandatory training /Tested written and performance
Created by: drannika
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