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extra Geo for exam

motor vehicle example of a fabricated metal product that is likely to be built near its market
Auto Alley formed by north-south interstate highways 65 and 75 between Michigan and Alabama, with an extension into southwestern Ontario
China uses the most energy
US has the highest per capita energy consumption
2 ways to reduce fossil fuel demand conservation and prices (increase)
nuclear powers 8 in the world, there is worry that terrorists will get hold of nuclear weapons, tensions with Iran
sugarcane, corn, and soybeans can be processed into motor vehicle fuel
biggest country to depend on hydroelectric Brazil at 80% of its power
steel production increasing in general, and a bigger share in developing countries
hexagons represents market areas in central place theory
rank size rule indicates that the society is sufficiently wealthy to justify the provision of goods and services to consumers throughout the country
improved telecommunications the most important factor in eliminating the need for spatial proximity
cultural, not economic For many talented individuals, the principal enticement to working in a particular location is
early public services settlements housed political leaders and defense forces
US city population declining in the north and east and increasing in the south and west
retail services in the CBD retailers with high thresholds, high ranges, and serving CBD workers
cold weather cities underground pedestrian passageways and shops
Drum Tower placed in the middle of Dadu in 1272
SE Asian cities typically do not have a strong CBD
shopping malls where suburban sales are concentrated
59 km the distance the average American travels per day
power source - electricity, ownership - shared, and autonomy - no driver effort future changes in cars
Created by: imr36093
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