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Architechure Review

Hum 1010 Architechure Test 3 Review

Aisle Gothic - found on either side of the nave, separated from the nave by arcades
Apse Gothic - Sacred part of a church where most of the religious activity takes place
Ambulatory Gothic - Hallway around an apse. It is usually the continuation of the aisles
Apsidal Chapels Gothic - Chapels found on the perimeter of Gothic - an apse, separated from the apse by the ambulatory.
Arcade Gothic - A row of arches, side by side
Architrave Gothic - The bottom part of an entablature
Archivolt Gothic - The molding outlining an arch
Balustrade A railing found on staircases, balconies, and in classical style, on the tops of walls
Baroque Architecture 1600 to 1750, classic but ornate and very busy
Basilica Gothic - A rectangular floor plan that contains only a nave and an apse, it's not in cruciform shape but in can contain a greek cross.
Bearing wall An internal foundation wall supporting upper floors
Blind Arcade Gothic - An ornamental arcade found on walls, called "blind" because cannot see through it.
Buttress A structure built against a wall for reinforceing support
Cantilever Similar to post and lintel except that the posts are on the same side leaving the crossbeam to extent out by itself
Capital The top part of a column
Caryatid A statue used as a column
Chapel A small room for worship found anywhere
chartres blue A brilliant shade of blue developed by the painters of the stained glass windows of chartres cathedral
Choir Everything east of the transepts
Clerestory The space between the triforium and the roof. It is usually comprised of many windows
Cloister A square, walled in garden connected to a church
Cluster piers A colun that appears to be several columns glued together
Colonnade any row of columns other than the portico
Compound Pier A "layered" column
Context the area around a building that either add's or takes from the meaning
Corinthian Column with leaves at the top
Cornice Similar to a stringcourse found on top of entablatures
crocket curly decorations usually found on pinnacles
Cruciform Floor plan of a cross
Crypt the "basement" of a church
Cupola On top of buildings that lets light and air in
Doric Thick Columns that have no base
Fan Rib Lines on the ceiling of a cathedral
Fenestration Symmetrical groupings of windows and doors
Finial Decoration found on the tops of pinnacles
Fluting half circle ridges decorating a column
Frieze the middle part of the entablature
Garth an enclosed garden
Greek cross +
Impost block a block placed in between the column and the arch to channel the weight into the column, always found on caryatids
Ionic a column shaped like a scroll of parchment
Jambs The sides of a door opening
Latin cross A cross you would normally think of
Lancet arch an pointed arch
Mall The area in front of an important building
Metope The space between triglyphs on a frieze
Narthex An entrance hall leading into the nave
Neo-Classic Architecture 1770-1830 classical, but roman
Neo-Gothic Architecture 1830-1918 Gothic forms to create building other than churches
Niche A hollow part of the wall usually containing a statue or decorated vase
Obelisk a good example is the washington monument
Oculus A hole usually in a dome
Ornamental pediment a decoration above widows and doors
Palladian staircase a staircase divided into two parts
pediment Triangular part of the roof about the entablature
Pendentive Filled in space between the arches of a groined vault to support the drum and the dome
Pilaster A decoration column on a wall
Pinnacle A spire like decoration for gothlic churches
Portal Dlaborate entryway
Created by: Foxman
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