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C130 FE MQF -1

TO 1C-130H-1 (25May2006)

The type of fluid to be used in the propeller is/are specification ________. MIL-H-87257 Type 1 or MIL-H-83282
The propeller brake is held disengaged by gearbox oil pressure when ________ and is engaged below this speed. RPM exceeds 23 percent
The NTS system provides a mechanical signal to limit negative torque to: -1260 +/- 600 inch pounds
Normal operation of the NTS system does not commit the propeller to feather. However, a malfunctioning NTS system may completely feather the propeller or cause the engine to: Stall/flameout
The hydromechanical fuel control senses ________ and varies fuel flow accordingly. Inlet temperature, inlet pressure altitude, RPM, and throttle position
In most cases degradation of an individual thermocouple assembly would affect each circuit equally. The indicating signal will be lower (_________ degrees C) than that actual temperature experienced by each thermocouple sensing element. 3.5 to 22
Thermocouple failure will supply an inaccurate signal to the ________ resulting in erroneous engine instrument indications and possible damage to turbine blades. TIT indicator or the temperature datum amplifier or both simultaneously
The purpose of the temperature datum control system is to compensate for variations in: Fuel heat value and density, Engines, and Control system characteristics
The temperature datum control valve switches lock a fuel correction only when they are positioned at LOCKED while the: Throttle is in the temperature controlling range and the ELECTRONIC FUEL CORRECTION lights are out
During air start, the feather valve and NTS check switch is placed to the VALVE position to provide an indication that the: NTS system is functioning as the propeller blades move out of the feather position
If the SEC FUEL PUMP PRESS light fails to illuminate during starting, it may indicate: Either the pump paralleling valve has not closed or the secondary pump has failed
The PROPELLER LOW OIL WARNING light and the PROP LOW OIL QUANTITY light will illuminate when the oil quantity for any propeller drops approximately ________ below normal in the pressurized sump. 2 quarts
Should a fault develop in the probe of the solid state transmitter on the engine low oil quantity indicating system, the ENG LOW OIL QUANTITY warning light will? Blink
Ensure that the APU ________ circuit breaker on the pilot's side circuit breaker panel is open before working around the APU air intake door. Control
When operating the APU with less than ________ pounds of fuel in the number 2 tank, turn on the fuel boost pump on to maintain ________. 2,000/Surge box fuel level
If a fuel quantity indicator (airplanes prior to AF84-0206) loses electrical power it will ________ the total fuel quantity indicator will subtract the amount of fuel indicated on the inoperative indicator. Remain at the last indication before power failure and
The tank empty light for an auxiliary fuel tank will illuminate when boost pump pressure drops below approximately ________ PSI. 23
The fuel LOW PRESS warning light will illuminate if pressure at the point where fuel enters the engine pump falls below approximately ________ PSI. 8.5
The battery is disconnected from all DC buses except the _______ when DC power is being supplied. Battery bus
Illumination of the BAT DISCH indicator light, for a maximum of ________, is normal. If light stays on for more than ________, maintenance action is required. 25 seconds/25 seconds
Frequency meters are only accurate when the engine operating range is above: 90 percent RPM
During ground operation, avoid direct viewing of the strobe lights within a distance of ________feet to prevent eye damage. 10
If both the flight station and cargo compartment air conditioning units are operated with only the APU supplying the bleed air or with all engines in low speed ground idle, the: APU EGT limits may be exceeded
Cabin differential pressure will be ________ for landing. Zero
If the leading edge anti-icing system is operated for testing on the ground, constant monitoring of the temperature indicators must be maintained, and the system must not remain on more than ________. 30 seconds
Turn off the windshield anti-icing system if: Any of the above
The main landing gear emergency engaging handles may be pulled while the aircraft is on the ground. (True/False) False
If an individual landing gear position indicator becomes inoperative because of a faulty grounding circuit, the warning horn and warning light will not indicate the position of the other two gear. (True/False) False
In case of DC electrical power failure either utility or auxiliary system pressure is available to the brake system. The ________valve is positioned by the system supplying the greater pressure. Shuttle valve
The ADS control panel ramp and door switch must be set to OFF, and the ramp manual control knob, above the ramp control panel must be set at the ________ position before operating the pump switch on the ramp control panel. 6N (neutral)
Do not enter/exit from the ________ side of the nose wheel well due to possible hazard of venting liquid oxygen. Right
The flight crew quick-don oxygen mask purge valve should be in the ________ position for flight. Open (pulled out)
Cage and lock the operating attitude indicator only when the airplane is: At a complete stop
The top lights in the fire handle are for ________ warning. Turbine overheat
The turbine overheat detector test switch will only check _________ and that the switch is functioning properly. Circuit continuity
The LAPES/CDS switches must remain _________ in the NORMAL/OFF (guarded) position except when required to be in ARM for operational check or mission requirements. Safetied
During ground operation, engine shutdown may be accomplished by placing the condition lever to ________ unless a specific procedure dictates other action. GROUND STOP
During the BEFORE EXTERIOR INSPECTION and before any electrical power is supplied to the airplane, the engineer will: Ensure that all locking pins are removed from doors and hatches , Ensure EMI Filter Pins/Safety Switch Safety Pins (some airplanes) are installed, and Check the Form 781 and ensure that all airplane switches are in their normal shutdown position.
If upon entering the airplane, fumes are present and suspected of being toxic, you should: Not proceed with the PREFLIGHT CHECK until fumes are investigated and eliminated
If battery voltage is not at least ________ volts, the battery will be replaced. 21
Operation of the turbine overheat test switch should not exceed ________ seconds on. Do not test again for a period of _______ minute. 30/1
During ground operation of the APU, monitor the: Leading edge temperature indicators
Do not ________ or open the ground test valve if ramp hydraulic actuators are preloaded or cargo loading operations are in progress. Deplete hydraulic pressure
Movement of the flaps during the power on inspection is essential at this time to: Enable detection of hydraulic leaks or malfunctions during the walk-around inspection
Depletion of the emergency brake hydraulic system pressure with the brake select switch in normal is an indication of a(n) ________ valve failure. Emergency brake selector
Starting an engine with an inoperative suction boost pump may result in damage to the: Engine-driven hydraulic pump
The throttles must not be moved out of the ________ detent during engine starting. GROUND IDLE
If a PROPELLER LOW OIL WARNING illuminates during engine start or taxi, place the condition lever to: GROUND STOP
During starts in low air density conditions (high temperature above approximately 28 degrees C/high altitude), if the engine accelerates smoothly, the time to stabilize on speed is ________ seconds. 70
Do not start the engine if the START VALVE OPEN light is illuminated prior to ENGINE GROUND START switch actuation. (True/False) True
Positive oil pressure (both engine and gearbox) must be indicated by ________ percent RPM. 35
During engine start, a positive indication of hydraulic pressure must be observed by: The time the engine is on speed
If the start valve open light does not extinguish within approximately ________ seconds after releasing the ENGINE GROUND START switch, place the ENGINE BLEED AIR switch to OFF and shut down the engine. Maintenance action is required. 15
After all ENGINE BLEED AIR switches are ON, bleed air pressure should indicate approximately ________ PSI. 45
When down-shifting from normal to low speed ground idle, the engineer will monitor the engine instruments and be prepared to shut down the engine by placing the condition lever to GROUND STOP if the temperature exceeds _____ degrees C or a stall occurs. 850
If a stop, sudden or severe braking application has occurred during turns: Record in Form 781
Do not hold the ice detector test switch in the No. 2 or No. 3 position longer than ________. The test cycle may be repeated once, but then wait ________ for the ice detector to cool before performing the test again 5 seconds/5 minutes
If the BLADE DE-ICING ammeter falls below________, do not fly into icing conditions. 65 amperes
Main tank boost pump switches will not be turned OFF in-flight unless directed by a specific procedure in the flight manual. (True/False) True
Place the TAS probe heater switch to the ON position when: Icing conditions are anticipated
Never place the throttles in the TAKE-OFF position without monitoring the: Torquemeters
If indicated torque exceeds 19,600 inch pounds: An entry in the FORM 781 is required noting the highest torque value observed and describing the runway and/or flight conditions
The minimum flap retraction speed for a maximum effort take-off is: Obstacle clearance speed plus 10 knots
The minimum flap retraction speed for a normal take-off is: Obstacle clearance speed
When practical, it is recommended that the leading edge anti-icing check not be performed until the airplane has ascended above ________ or the IOAT has dropped below 20 degrees C. 5,000 feet AGL
New TOLD will be required any time gross weight changes 5,000 pounds or more, outside temperature changes ________ degrees C or more, or pressure altitude changes 1,000 feet or more. 5
Higher than normal ________ system pressure may be encountered in-flight. However, this should not cause damage to the system. Emergency brake
At high airspeeds, abrupt movement of the throttles into the ground range could result in: Pitchlock
Retarding the throttles below FLIGHT IDLE at airspeeds above approximately 115 KIAS could result in: Power-loss/bog-down
At the first indication of directional control difficulties during reversing, immediately: Return all throttles to ground idle
Retracting flaps from 100 to 50 percent will: Increase stall speed
The AC bus tie switch may be placed to ON prior to removing engine generator power from the AC buses. (True/False) True
If functioning as SKE master, maintain ________ bus power until all airplanes in the formation have landed. MAIN AC
The engineer should monitor engine instruments during shutdown for: Zero fuel flow and TIT and RPM decrease
If the NTS advisory lights do not illuminate when shutting down engines from low-speed ground idle: A recheck of the NTS system must be made before the next flight
Ensure INU power switch(es) has been off for more than ________ seconds before turning SCNS power switch OFF. 10
________ power must be available and radar set to STBY to perform the Station Keeping (SKE) (AN/APN 169C(V)) checklist. MAIN AC
Regardless of specific emergency encountered: Maintain airplane control, Analyze the situation, and Take coordinated corrective action
The emergency signal to prepare for bailout over water is ________ rings on the alarm bell. 3 short
When pulling the condition lever to FEATHER, pull it all the way to the detent to assure that the propeller is fully feathered when the engine fuel is shut off. If the lever is left at a mid-position, and NTS is inoperative, a(n) Engine decoupling is possible
If a Nacelle Overheat occurs on the ground and the nacelle overheat warning light extinguishes after the fire handle has been pulled, agent discharge is required. (True/False) False
For malfunctions which result in asymmetric thrust, the airplane will attempt to ________ the malfunctioning power plant during airplane acceleration. Turn toward
If a tailpipe fire occurs during engine shutdown: Continue with engine shutdown and notify the fire department
Do not lock the ________ seat(s) in a position that will block any other crewmember's evacuation route. Flight engineer's and navigator's
If a main wheel well fire exists or hot brakes are suspected, all personnel other than those in the fire department should evacuate the immediate area. The area on both sides of the wheel well will be cleared of personnel and equipment for at least __ ft. 50
If parking brake handle does not properly retract and requires additional force to fully seat: Maintenance action required prior to flight
If aborting for a propeller malfunction or for any other malfunction which could result in asymmetric power causing directional control problems when the throttles are placed in the ground range, shut down the affected engine while the throttle is in____. FLIGHT IDLE
During take-off or while airborne, do not move the throttles below the FLIGHT IDLE position. Placing any propeller in the ground range may result in: Immediate loss of control of the airplane
Two-engine operation above __________ pounds gross weight or at high density altitude is marginal. 120,000
If the airplane is allowed to fly in an extreme out of rudder trim condition, it is possible to: Experience engine failure(s) due to fuel starvation
In all combinations of two engine failures, monitor ________ to keep it within the range of available output. Generator loading
If a propeller malfunction occurs after refusal speed, it is recommended that the engine be allowed to run until at least ________ is reached before shutting down the engine (when there is no indication of fire). Two engine inoperative air minimum control speed
When accomplishing the Pitchlock Check Procedure, locking the TD valve will prevent a ________ if the throttle is moved through the crossover (65-degree) position. Crossover "bump"
If a propeller fails to feather in flight, it is critical to restore oil to the ________ of the windmilling propeller as soon as possible. Reduction gearbox
If a throttle control cable failure is suspected, do not move the throttle prior to engine shutdown. To do so could cause the propeller to go: Into reverse pitch or to full power
Any time an ignition control circuit breaker is pulled on an inboard engine, the ________ system for that engine is inoperative. Ice detection
Following a negative G condition, closely monitor gearbox and engine oil pressure for ________. If loss of oil pressure occurs and does not return to normal within ________ shutdown the engine in accordance with the ENGINE SHUTDOWN PROCEDURES. Two minutes/10 seconds
After confirmed fuel pump failure, fuel boost pump circuit breakers may be reset and the pump operated only: To prevent fuel starvation when a landing cannot be accomplished within the range of available fuel
If the fuel dump switches for the ________ tanks are placed in the DUMP position while those tanks are supplying fuel to the engines, the respective tank crossfeed valves are automatically closed, shutting off fuel flow to the crossfeed manifold. Main; External
Prior to performing any procedure which involves removing all AC power? Configure the fuel system for tank to engine operation
If generator failure is confirmed during taxi: Shut down the engine by placing the condition lever to GROUND STOP
If a generator out light illuminates (airplanes with GCUs), and no voltage, frequency and load are indicated, place the generator: Switch to OFF/RESET or OFF and then to ON
Any time power is removed from the ________ bus the engine bleed air regulators will close, shutting off air flow to both air conditioning units, thus depressurizing the airplane. Essential DC
Any time power is removed from the ________ bus, the pilot's and copilot's ADI will be inoperative. ESS DC bus and ISOL DC
Intermittent or inoperative radar operation, erratic engine instrument operation and illumination of the APU fire warning light in-flight may an indication of a/an: Bleed air leak
Do not attempt to lock or unlock any window, door or hatch while the airplane is pressurized. First depressurize the airplane, and then turn the air conditioning master switch to: AUX VENT.
If flammable fumes are present, electrical equipment not required to complete the FUSELAGE FIRE/SMOKE AND FUME ELEMINATION procedure should: Not be turned on or off until the fumes are eliminated
In the event that utility or boost hydraulic pressure in excess of 3,450 PSI is indicated (failed hydraulic pump compensator): Do not turn off the individual hydraulic pump switches
If elevator control should fail (hydraulic assistance is lost), achieve approximately level flight and ________ KIAS and land with 50% flaps recommended. 170
When the flap lever is first moved after shifting from manual to hydraulic actuation, observe the utility hydraulic system pressure and the wing flap position indicator. If there is a drop in pressure with no indication of flap movement: Immediately return the wing flap lever to its original position and pull the wing flap control circuit breaker
If the configuration permits, prior to landing with any main landing gear system malfunction, depressurize the airplane and remove the main landing gear inspection windows. Visually confirm that the: Bottom of the ball nuts contacts the bumper stop
If the landing gear selector valve DOWN button requires holding to lower the gear, hydraulic pressure will not be available for: Nose wheel steering
It may not be possible to jettison the crew door at a pressure differential greater than _____ inches. 3.1
When landing with two engines inoperative, a go-around is not recommended after the flaps are lowered. (True/False) True
If a decision is made by the pilot to ditch the airplane then a minimum of ________ pounds of fuel should remain at time of descent from altitude. 2,000
With the escape ladder installed, it is impossible to exit the airplane from the center escape hatch using the ________ side of the ladder. Left
Windmill taxi starts are not recommended at aircraft gross weights in excess of ________ pounds. 135,000
Prior to air start of an engine on which the NTS is inoperative, reduce the airspeed to ________ KIAS and the altitude to below 5,000 feet AGL. 130
Ensure that the secure voice system mode switch is in the ________ position to provide normal operation of the UHF radio when secure voice is not to be used. P
Before operating the liaison radio system ensure that: No personnel are near the HF antennas.
Do not press the TEST switch on an EFI in flight to perform a BIT.(True/ False) True
On H-2 airplanes not modified by TO 1C-130-1486, with inverter power selected do not select ________ on the navigation selector control panel as the ADI will tumble. INS
When the radar is in standby or any operational function, the antenna stabilization switch will be in the ON (up) position from: Take-off until before landing
Always attempt to ________ clear the airspace before maneuvering your airplane in response to a TCAS advisory. Visually
It is possible for the (TCAS) system to issue a RA advisory command that would put the airplane outside the performance envelope.(True/False) True
The AN/ALE-40 jettison control overrides the arming switch in SAFE position.(True/False) True
On airplanes with AN/ALE-47 installed, if the arming switch is in the ARM position, and the EMI Filter/Safety Switch pin(s) are removed, ________will override squib power control and arm the CMDS. Disengaging the TOUCHDOWN circuit breaker, Positioning the ground test switch to GND/EMER , or Jacking the airplane
The CVR is operational anytime the ________ bus is powered by any source other than external power. Essential AC
The DFDR flight recorder monitor light at the ________ illuminates when the recorder stops recording. Navigator's station
If the oil temperature exceeds ________ degrees C for any time duration, an entry will be made in the FORM 781 to include duration and temperature. 100
The external fuel tank fuel boost pump pressure limits are ________ PSI. 28 to 40
The normal operating limit for the propeller anti-icing system is ________ amps. 65-90
Hydraulic pressure (Utility and Booster) as low as ________ PSI may be experienced in low speed ground idle. 2,550
In case of emergency, oxygen usage may be continued until: System is empty
During air start, ________ is the maximum allowable torque at an oil temperature of 0 to +40 degrees C. 4,500
Reduction gearbox oil pressure is allowed to go below ________ PSIG when RPM is below 100 percent if 150 PSIG can be maintained at 100 percent RPM with oil temperature normal. 150
Power section oil pressure up to ________ PSI is allowable during start and warm up. 100
Low speed ground idle RPM limits are ________ percent. 69-75.5
Normal speed ground idle RPM limits are ________ percent. 94-102
Flight idle RPM limits are ________ percent. 92.5-100.5
Maximum reverse RPM limits are ________ percent. 96 - 106
Normal engine oil temperature limits are ________ degrees C. 60 - 85
________degrees C is the maximum continuous TIT for T56-A-15 engines. 1010
If TIT exceeds ________ degrees C (excluding momentary overshoot and peak at 94% RPM) during an engine start, discontinue the start and record in the Form One restart is permitted. 850
If start TIT is between 720-750 degrees C: Record in Form 781, perform a temperature controlling check IAW section VII, and record crossover TIT
The engine starter duty cycle is one minute on: 1 min off, 1 min on, 5 min off, 1 min on, 30 min off
Allowable propeller fluctuations are: Plus/minus 1/2% either side of a stable RPM for a total of 1%
The maximum time for the propeller blades to go from reverse to feather during the static feather check is ________ seconds. 25
Do not exceed ________ KIAS with the ramp (or ramp and cargo door) open regardless of whether the paratroop doors are open or closed or the position of the air deflectors. 150
If the external and/or auxiliary tanks contain useable fuel, the main tanks may be considered full for the purpose of Primary Fuel Management under the following conditions: The main tanks are full, except for fuel used for taxi and takeoff
Use of secondary fuel management will shorten the service life of the wings and should be avoided unless necessary for mission accomplishment. (True/False) True
Whenever flights are conducted at weights shown in the red area of the weight limitations charts, ________is required. Entry in Form 781
Maximum effort operations with airplane configuration (fuel, cargo, etc.) that necessitate 300 FPM rate-of-sink should be restricted to wartime operation only. To perform during peacetime will require ________ approval. Major Air Command
The normal limits on the DC voltmeter are ________ volts. 25-30
The normal rudder boost pressure with the flap lever set between 0% and 15% is ________ PSI. 1,100 to 1,400
The minimum aircraft battery voltage is ________ volts. 21
During the propeller reversing check, if symmetrical torque differences are ________ inch pounds or more, record in form 781. 1,000
If the feather override button fails to pop out within 6 seconds after the blades reach the feather position: Pull it out manually to shut off the pump. Maintenance action is required prior to flight
If a rudder boost unit is suspected to have failed in a hard-over position, verify that ________ matches the hard-over maneuver being experienced. Cockpit control
Above crossover, if the engine instruments are not similar in________, with throttles aligned, a propulsion system malfunction may exist. Torque, TIT, and Fuel flow
Early stage thermocouple decay may be difficult to identify, due to no change in ________ and torque. TIT and minimal increase in fuel flow
During the landing approach, ________before the throttles are retarded should give more equal power distribution on all engines. Locking the TD valve
If accomplished after flight, perform the propeller static feather check before engine oil temperature drops below: 20 degrees C
When operating an engine on crossfeed from any tank that fuel has not previously been used, monitor torque, TIT, and RPM for approximately 1 minute.(True/False) False
Fuel tank gages should be read while the airplane is ________ to obtain the most reliable readings. In level flight
When operating with less than 6,000 pounds of total fuel in the main fuel tanks: Place the crossfeed valve switches to OPEN for tanks containing fuel, Place the BOOST PUMP switches to ON for all tanks containing fuel, and Place the CROSSFEED SEPARATION valve switch to open
When fuel quantity of any main tank is less than ________ pounds, the engine being fed by that tank will be placed on crossfeed. 1,000
If the runway available exceeds critical field length by a minimum of ________ feet, the 10 minute brake cooling time may be omitted. 300
After any full anti-skid braking operation above 130,000 pounds (aborted takeoff, engine-out/flaps-up landing, etc.), the approximate ground cooling time is ________ minutes. 65
The recommended airspeed for penetration into thunderstorms is 65 KIAS above power-off stall speed not to exceed: 180 KIAS.
During extreme cold weather, if a PROPELLER LOW OIL light illuminates during engine start or taxi: Place the condition lever to ground stop
Do not attempt to takeoff with ________ or on the wings, empennage or fuselage. Ice, Frost, or Snow
In cold weather, the throttles should not be moved from the ground idle detent nor should the airplane be taxied until engine oil temperature reaches ________ degrees C. 40
Propeller and engine anti-icing and de-icing should be on during takeoff and climb if temperature is ________ and any visible moisture is present. 32 degrees F or lower
During hot weather operations, attaining engine light off between ________ percent RPM provides better turbine assist for acceleration to on-speed RPM at the lowest possible time in the start cycle. 16 and 25
During descent (for landing) below ________ feet, manually open the oil cooler flaps and place the switches to the fixed position. Monitor oil temperature and manually control the oil cooler flaps to keep the oil temperature close to ______ degrees C. 15,000/60
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