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chap 11 med term 2

female reproductive

uter(o) relationship to the uterus
hyster(o) the uterus
metr(o), metr(a) the uterus
metrostenosis narrowing of the uterine cavity
uteroplasty plastic surgery of the uterus
metritis inflammation of the uterus
metrorrhagia uterine bleeding
hysterectomy excision of the uterus
hysteroptosis, metroptosis prolapse of the uterus
hysterospasm spasm of the uterus
uterocervical the cervix of the uterus
hysterolith uterine calculus
hysteropathy, metropathy any uterine disease
uterogenic formed in the uterus
metrorrhea abnormal uterine discharge
hysteralgia uterine pain
endometriosis condition in which tissue occurs aberrantly in the pelvic cavity
hysterocleisis surgical closure of the ostium uteri
metrocolpocele hernia of the uterus and vagina
ovari(o) relationship to the ovary
oophor(o) the ovaries
salping(o) uterine tube or auditory tube
salpingoscopy visual examination of the uterine tube
ovariopexy reattaching an ovary to the abdominal wall
salpingitis inflammation of the uterine/auditory tube
ovariectomy, oophorectomy excision of an ovary
salpingocele hernial protrusion of a uterine tube
ovariorrhexis rupture of an ovary
oophoroma tumor of the ovary
salpingotomy incision into the uterine tube`
oophorrhagia hemorrhage from an ovary
ovariopathy ovarian disease
oophoroplasty plastic surgery on the ovary
oophorostomy creation of an opening into an ovarian cyst to provide drainage
ovaricentesis surgical puncture of an ovary
salpingo-oophorectomy excision of the ovary and the uterine tube
ovaritis, oophoritis inflammation of an ovary
salpingorrhagia hemorrhage from a fallopian tube
salpingorrhaphy fastening of a uterine tube
salpingography x-ray of the uterine tube/tubes
salpingopexy surgical repair of the uterine tube
vagin(o) the canal in the female extending from the vulva to the cervix uteri
colp(o) relationship to the vagina
mast(o), mamm(o) relationship to the breast or the mammary gland
colpocele herniation of the vagina
vaginal the vagina
mammogram x-ray of the breast
vaginoscopy, colposcopy visual examination of the vagina
mastitis inflammation of the breast
mastoid breast-shaped
vaginitis inflammation of the vagina
colporrhaphy suturing the vagina
mastopexy reattachment of the breast
colporrhagia bleeding from the vagina
mastectomy excision of the breast
vaginopathy any disease of the vagina
mammary the breast
mastoplasy, mammaplasty plastic surgery of the breast
men(o) relationship to the menses
gyn(o), gynec(o) the female gender
gravida number of pregnancies a woman has had
para a woman who has produced a viable offspring
dysmenorrhea painful menses
gynecology the study of the female anatomy
menorrhea normal discharge of the menses
menstrual the menses
menses the monthly flow of blood from the genital tract of women
gynecologist specialist in treating female disorders
menorrhagia excessive bleeding during menses
gynecopathy the branch of medicine treating the diseases of women
menarche the beginning of the menstrual
gynoplasty plastic surgery of the female organs
dysmenorrhagia painful and excessive bleeding during the menses
menopause cessation of the menses
parturition the process of giving birth to a child
gravida II a woman who has had two pregnancies
prepartal occurring before labor
para VI a woman who has had six viable offspring
gravida IV a woman who has had four pregnancies
postpartum occurring after childbirth
gravida III,para IV a woman who has had three pregnancies and four viable offspring
gravida I a woman who has had one pregnancy
contraceptives agents that prevent conception or impregnation
estrogen hormones agents used in the treatment of menopause, prostatic cancer, osteoporosis, and abnormal menses
oxytocins agents that promote uterine contractions and promote labor
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