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Psych Unit 3

Sensation and Perception// Q+A

An athlete gets hurt during a game, but doesn't realize they're hurt until after the game. Name the term. Selective Attention
When talking with a friend, you may not notice a frisbee fly past your head. Name the term. Inattentional Blindness
Going on a date and not realizing that your date changed their outfit half way through. Name the term. Change Blindness
Some can hear the tick of a clock in a quiet room. Name the term. Absolute Threshold
Placing a sheet of paper on your arms until you can feel the weight. Name the term. Just Noticeable Difference
Two lights must differ by 8% in intensity to be noticed. Name the term. Weber's Law
An eyelash on your cheek. Name the term. Subliminal
A parent's ability to hear their child's cry. Name the term. Signal Detection Theory
Hanging out with your friends for your weekly movie night. Name the term. Top-Down Processing
Attending your first day of school after being homeschooled all your life. Name the term. Bottom-Up Processing
Eventually tuning out a loud A/C unit that distracted you. Name the term. Sensory Adaptation
Why do we have a blind spot in our sight? The blind spot is where the optic nerve and contains no rods or cones.
What are the three properties of light? 1) Amplitude 2) Wavelength 3) Purity
Where does the thalamus send info for interpretation? The auditory cortex, located in the temporal lobe.
What is PAT HAS COW BOH? Pinna, Auditory Canal, Tympanic Membrane Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup Cochlea, Oval Window Basilar Membrane, Organ of Corti, Hair Cells
What are the basic skin sensations? 1) Cold 2) Warm 3) Pressure 4) Pain
How can top-down processing play a role during the pain experience? The brain determines whether or not you will perceive painand how that perception will occur.
What are the 5 basic tastes? 1) Sweet 2) Sour 3) Bitter 4) Salty 5) Umami
Created by: MadisonFoleyReis
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