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Vocab. Ch8

State Board of Education The legal governing body that exercises general control and supervision of the schools in a state.
State office of education Office responsible for implementing a state's education policy on a day-to-day basis.
School District An administrative unit within a state that is defined by geographical boundaries and is legally responsible for the public education of children within those boundaries
Local School Board A group of elected lay citizens responsible for setting policies that determine how a school district operates.
Superintendent The school district's head administrative officer, along with his or her staff, responsible for implementing that policy in the district's schools.
School principal The individual having the ultimate administrative responsibility for a school's operation.
Property taxes The major source of educational funding, determined by the assessed value of a home or property.
Categorical grants Monies targeted for specific groups and designeated purposes.
Block grants Federal monies provided to states and school districts with few restrictions for use.
Weighted student formula A means of allocating resources within a district to schools on an individual basis based on student need.
Site-based decision making A school management reform movement that attempts to place increased responsibility for governance at the individual school level.
Charter schools Alternative schools that are independently operated by publicly funded.
Voucher A check or written document that parents can use to purchase educational services.
State tuition tax-credit plans A variation on school voucher programs in which parents are given tax credits for money they spend on private-school tuition.
Homeschooling An educational option in which parents educate their children at home.
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