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Religion #4 Quiz

Sacrament of Confirmation - 4th Qtr. - Test on Tuesday, March 21, 2066

chrism mixture of olive oil and balm used in the Sacrament of Confirmation
confirmation name the name of a Saint chosen to be a protector and model for the confirmandi
soldier of Christ indicates how we must resist the attacks of our spiritual enemies and secure our victory over them by following and obeying the Lord
Ruah (Hebrew) breath/wind of God
charism special gift received from God
confirmandi a latin word for a confirmation candidate
Theological Virtues are three virtues infused into our souls by Gods.
The three theological virtues are faith, hope, and love.
The virtue of faith enables is to believe in God and all he revealed to us
The virtue of hope enables us to trust in God and the promise of eternal life
The virtue of love (charity) enables us to love God and all things, including our neighbor out of our love for God
Gifts of the Holy Spirit include wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord
Gift of wisdom enables us to judge concerning the things of God
Gift of understanding gives us insight into mysteries of Faith so that we may live by them (clarity and deepening of Faith)
Gift of counsel helps us to guide ourselves and others in practical matters (prudence)
Gift of fortitude enables us to do what is right and good despite obstacles (courage)
Gift of knowledge enables us to see God reflected in all creation (and treat them w/ respect)
Gift of piety disposes us to love and honor God above all things (reverence out of justice)
Gift of fear of the Lord helps us to respect God and desire to justice to please him
Minister: Bishop, Abbot, or Priest
Matter: Laying on the hand and anointing w/ Chrism on the forehead
Form: "(Name), be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit"
Describe the Rite of Confirmation At episcopal mass -laying on of hands to invoke the Holy Spirit - Anointing with chrism oil with the words "Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit."
The symbolism of laying on of hands and anointing with oil signifies the descent of the Holy Spirit upon confirmandi
Three requirements of one who desires Confirmation 1) have a sponsor 2) know Catholic Faith & duties of a Christian 3) anyone baptized, not yet confirmed
Identify the minimal requirements of a Confirmation sponsor. -must have received the sacraments of Initiation - god model of the Faith - purpose: to give spiritual support during the time of prepartion and after ceremony is over
Symbolism of the oil strength
Symbolism of the balm sweetness (achieved by virtue in our lives)
Know that Confirmation is a scarament of charcter cannot be repeated
At least three effects of Confirmation 1) indelible marks on the person 2) enables one to be more like Christ (the prophet, King, & priest) 3) makes one a more committed member of the Church
At least two responsibilites of the newly Confirmed 1) develop the ability to lead others to Christ 2) be willing to suffer for Christ and the Church
Know four to six fruits of the Holy Spirit joy, peace, patience, charity, faithfulness, modesty
The Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles or others in scripture (Acts 8:14-17) Peter and John went to Samaria and prayed for them, they had only been baptized in the Lord Jesus, but once Peter and John layed down their hands.. they received the Holy Spirit
Created by: villanova