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Geography CH1

history the study of past events and written down
prehistory period of time before written records
civilization the society, culture, and way of life of a particular area
patriarchal relating to or characteristic of a system of society or government controlled by men
polytheism belief in more than one god
monotheism belief in one god
ziggurat stepped tower dedicated to chief god of a sumerian city
pharaoh most common of the various titles for egyptian monarchs
dynasty a family of rulers whose right to rule is passed on within the family
varna each of the four hindu castes
mesopotamia region in western asia, in what is now iraq. first civilization, between the rivers
india buddha
china confucious
china lao tzu
egypt ra
india brahma
egypt rameses II
israel YHWH
egypt khufu
israel solomon
mesopotamia hammurabi
mesopotamia sargon
india vishnu
egyptian horus
mesopotamia gilgamesh
persia cyrus the great
egypt isis
egypt anubis
india shiva
mesopotamia the tigris and euphrates fed this ancient civilization
egypt the nile was the chief river of
china the yellow river (huang he) provided water for
india the indus river allowed _________ to grow
mesopotamia cuneiform was the written language of
israel this was the only monotheistic ancient civilization
egypt used pyramids and mummified their dead
india the caste system was the social structure of
israel the social structure of ________ was based on one of 12 tribes
mesopotamia ancient sumer (the city state of Ur) could be found in
china this civilization remained isolated from the rest of the world
egypt used writing called hieroglyphics
india wrote and spoke using sanskrit
mesopotamia used stepped temples called ziggurats
iran, iraq, lebanon, syria, and israel these modern countries are where the fertile crescent was located
iran persia is now the modern country of
confucionism and daoism were the two main philosophies/religions of china
jerusalem the capital and main city of the israelites
iron the assyrian empire introduced tools and weapons made from
Ur and Babylon two main cities located in mesopotamia
royal road a communication and transportation system developed by darius the great
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