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Psych Test 3

Stress, Health and Human Flourishing, Social Psychology: Chapters 11 & 12

We noted three main types of stressors that effect our lives. Which of the following is not one of those stressor types? bad seasonal climate
The fight-or-flight response initiated by the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for all the following physiological responses except _________________. pupil contraction
In Canadian scientist Hans Selye's three phase, General Adaptation Syndrome the second phase is labeled ____________. resistance
Which branch of health psychology focuses on mind-body interactions? Psychoneuroimmunology
Stress may not directly cause disease/illness yet, by altering _________ _____________, it reduces the body's ability to resist infection. immune functioning
Professor Seals has suggested that our bodies remain in better balance and we handle stress more effectively when we _________________________. do not doubt our inner voice
If our bodies contain cancer cells or virus' which of the following lines of defense are the most probable responses of the immune system? T lymphocytes are called upon by the immune system
According to the Friedman-Roseman longitudinal study completed on 3000, "healthy" U.S. males between the ages of 35 and 59, men with so-called Type A personality traits were more likely to _____________. suffer a heart attack
In a more recent study [Pankalainen et al.] 1306 initially healthy men were classified as either optimists or pessimists. The findings concluded that: the pessimists were twice as likely to develop heart disease
So-called anger management strategies in American Psychological circles include all but one of the following. Which one does not belong? hold no fear or anger in your heart
Coping with stress in modern society is not simple. When we employ problem-focused coping we are __________________. attempting to change the stressor by the way we interact with that stressor
When we encounter a series of events that overpower us and appear to be completely beyond our control there is a tendency to become passively resigned to our impotence in the situation. Martin Seligman and his associates have termed this phenomenon as: learned helplessness
Persons who perceive their control to be within themselves are said to have an internal locus of control. Which of the following best describes the actions and behaviors of such people? by employing free will, willpower, and self-control, they control their own fate
The early 20th century psychologist, physician, and philosopher, William James, defined will as a combination of _________ and __________. attention and effort
Dalai Lama spoke about attaining peace of mind by paying increased attention to our _____. He then said that most college/university programs of study pay little to no attention to cultivation of ______, and that it is time to correct that shortcoming. hygiene of emotion. & inner peace
A woman asks Dalai Lama for advice for coping with COVID when many are losing jobs, financials, and loved ones. He said that the outside prob. can't be removed and that it is a mental proj., so "don't run after the problem." He advised developing _____. tolerance, forgiveness, and contentment
Adrenaline works in the short term in your body's reaction to stress and cortisol works in the longer term. Both of these hormones are produced by the adrenal glands. True
A Type A personality individual is aggressive. The single emotion that contributes most to the Type A's vulnerability to heart disease is anger. True
The human body's immune system uses NK Cells [natural killer cells] to fight against bacterial infections. False
Managing anger seems destined to succeed in a culture like ours in the United States where we are often encouraged to vent our rage. False
Fundamental attribution error is when we ____________. overestimate the influence of personality and underestimate the influence of situations
During Phillip Zimbardo's Stanford University prisons guard/prisoner, role play study was ended after only 6 days of a scheduled 14 days. The study was shut down because ____________. the students "playing" prison guards became tyrannical and very disparaging toward the students "playing" prisoners
When we conform to avoid rejection or to gain social approval, it is called: normative social influence
_________ theory explains someone's behaviors by crediting either the situation or the person's disposition. Attribution
The tendency for people who have initially agreed to a small request to then later comply with a larger request is called _________. foot-in-the-door phenomenon
The tension we experience when we become aware that our attitudes and actions don't coincide is known as ___________. cognitive dissonance
In a group setting, we are more likely NOT to conform when we ___________. are in a group with three or less people
In everyday life conformity situations, Professor Seals emphasized the high importance of __________. the stakes
Which psychologist conducted the famous and controversial experiments on obedience? Stanley Milgram
What is the behavioral effect of social loafing? decreased effort
Robert arrives to class and sees everyone else has left on their coats. Thinking that he has forgotten about a trip or some other event, Robert decides to leave his coat on as he takes his seat. This is an example of _____. conformity
_______ is unjustifiable negative attitude toward a group or its members. Prejudice
Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding aggression? high testosterone is linked to aggression
The odds of helping a stranger are highest when __________. we are feeling guilty if we don't assist
In Stanley Milgram's famous obedience experiments, he found that obedience was highest when all but one of the following conditions existed. Which condition does not cause high obedience? when the person who is expected to be obedient is very intelligent
Companionate love involves which of the following? a deep, affectionate attachment which includes feelings of trust, calm and bonding with one's mate
Bystander intervention is a multi-faceted phenomenon. The odds of someone helping another person in an emergency involve many variables. One condition that increases the odds of helping a stranger is when the person needing help is a woman. True
Altruism is an unselfish concern for the welfare of others. True
Conflict happens when we perceive others' actions, goals or ideas to be compatible with our own actions, goals and ideas. False
Prejudice is a justifiable and usually negative attitude toward a group and all its members. False
Created by: edandromeda
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