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Chapter 26-27

Animal learning and husbandry

What is habituation? change in response due to repeated presentations of stimuli
What is classical conditioning? a learning process that occurs when 2 stimuli are repeatedly pairs
UCS the stimuli present
UCR reflexive response to UCS
CS paired with the UCS
CR response to CS in absence of UCS
What is operant conditioning? response followed by pleasant stimuli will increase and vice versa
what does a reinforcer do to behavior? increases behavior
what does a punishment do to behavior? decreases behavior
What is a positive reinforcers? favorable events or outcomes that are presented after the behavior
what is a negative reinforcers? removal of an unfavorable event or outcomes after the display of a behavior
What is a positive punishment? bark limiter and dogs
What is a negative punishment? kid has a toy being a jackwagon takes toy away to stop being a jackwagon
what is latent learning? exposure (but no reinforcement) facilitates faster learning later on
What is observational (social) learning? learned behaviors by observing other performs
Radical behaviorism instincts are not numerous and the ability to learn
What happened in Garcia and Koelling study of 1966? they found it is easier to learn associations btw biologically stimuli
What are the different types of preparedness? prepared, contra prepared, unprepared
Prepared training will be relatively easy
contra-prepared training will be very challenging
unprepared training will require moderate effort
What is the idea of perceptive world? stimuli must be matched to the animal's perspective world
What are the components of effective training? natural history, individual experiences, facility design
Natural history circadian or annual cycles
Individual experiences response to caretaker, new staff
facility design keepers must feel safe
shaping small steps progressively rewarded
setting goals prioritize poor candidates for chemical immobilization
planning staff develops a training plan with cue and criteria, define progress check ins
implementing roles and responsibilities
documenting time for keepers to make and archive notes
evaluating process reporting
re-adjusting revisit goals at regular intervals
What does spider stand for? setting goals, planning, implementing, documenting, evaluating, re-adjusting
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