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Why would it be hard for humans to live in the Outback? The Outback is a harsh place to live because it’s isolated and resources are scarce. Water supply and population are very low as well.
Who are the Aboriginal people? The first people to live in Australia.
What is an aquifer? An aquifer is a source of water underneath the ground that holds a lot of water.
What formed many of North Island’s land forms? The Volcanic activity and the eruptions.
What is the difference between a hot spring and a geyser? Hot springs are hot pools of water that occur naturally, while geysers is a huge spout of water that shoots out of the ground.
In what ways are the lands of Australia and New Zealand alike, and in what ways are they different? They both have unique kinds of plants and animals that live there and aren’t found in the rest of the world. They also both have hot climates, both aren’t connected to other countries, and both have mountain ranges. They differ by the size of the territor
What problems are caused by drought in Australia? Why are geographers monitoring climate changes there? The drought increases the chance of forest fires because there is no water and the plants are drying up which means they can light on fire easily. The low amount of water leads to humans not having enough fresh water to drink, cook food, bathe, and more.
Explain why animals and plants native to Australia and New Zealand differ from living things in other parts of the world. The plants and animals living in Australia and New Zealand have the hardest time surviving. They have challenges to face that no other living thing has to in the rest of the world. They adapt to their environment and climate. Their climate is extreme and
List three features that make Australia unique and three that make New Zealand unique. Three physical features that make Australia unique are the great barrier reef, the outback, and the mountain ranges. Three physical features that make New Zealand unique are rugged mountains, tropical forests, and volcanic plateaus.
List two beliefs or traditions that most Aboriginal people share. Dream time is a story of how the earth was formed. Another one is where they paint symbols or drawings to hope they would come true. An example is if they drew many fish on a cave they hoped they would find much fish.
How did early Maori live? Circa 800 A.D
Give an example of a type of Tikanga. Some examples are building homes and preparing food.
How did the early hunter-gatherers live? They gathered fruits, roots, and other plant parts, and hunted animals. Some were Nomadic which meant they moved from place to place searching for water or following a herd or species of animal.
Who did the British bring to Australia in 1788? They brought along criminals from overflowing British prisons.
What were four natural resources that brought people to Australia from all over the world. Four natural resources that brought people to Australia from all over the world are gold, coal, tin, and copper.
Describe what happened to the Aboriginal people following the arrival of British settlers. The Aboriginal people were forced to move away from the land where their ancestors lived for generations. Many were also killed.
How and when did Australia and New Zealand become independent countries? Australia and New Zealand became independent countries after World War II. They accomplished this by creating closer ties with the US.
How are introduced species harmful to the land? Introduced species are harmful to the land because they threaten native species. Their population explodes since there were no other species that could stop them and they don’t fit into the ecosystem.
In what ways were the colonization of Australia and New Zealand alike? Both the Aboriginal people and the Maori were forced off their land.
Which country has more people of European descent? Which has more native people? Australia has more people of European descent and New Zealand has more native people.
What percentage of people live in cities and suburbs in both countries? Approximately, 89% of people who live in Australia live in cities and suburbs, and about 87% live in cities and suburbs in New Zealand.
How does rural life in Australia differ from rural life in New Zealand? Rural living in Australia is very remote and the farms are far away from towns and cities. They also usually have huge cattle farms and are very remote. Rural life in New Zealand is way more social. The farms are close to towns and people normally communi
What are Australia’s top three exports? Australias top three exports are: China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.
What are New Zealand’s most valuable resources? They are coal, iron ore, natural gas, gold, timber, and limestone.
How is geothermal energy produced? Geothermal energy is naturally occurring heat energy produced by an extremely hot liquid rock in Earth’s upper mantle. As magma rises through cracks or holes in Earth’s crust, it heats the rock and water within the crust. Humans reach this heat and hot wa
How is it used in New Zealand? It’s used to warm homes, generate power, and provide hot water.
Is the following statement a fact or an opinion? Tourism is an important industry in Australia and New Zealand. It’s a fact. Without tourism, they would barely make money and their income would be way lower.
Why are more workers needed in Australia and New Zealand? More workers are needed to support the older population.
In your own words, explain why the survival of the Great Barrier Reef is threatened. The survival of the Great Barrier Reef is in a lot of danger. Due to climate change, the water climate is increasing since the ocean is absorbing the Co2 that is in the atmosphere. Some of the corals are sensitive and need cooler waters to survive. Some p
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