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Australia/NZ Vocab

monolith A single standing stone
Outback The most rural and isolated parts of Australia’s Central Lowlands
Aboriginal First humans to live in Australia
coral reef A giant community of marine animals called corals
hot spring Pool of naturally occurring hot water
geyser Spouts of hot water that shoot from the ground
drought Long period of little or no rain
marsupial Mammal that raises its young in a pouch on the mother’s body
eucalyptus Native Australian evergreen tree with stiff, pleasant-smelling leaves
boomerang The flat, bent wooden tool of the Australian Aborigines that is thrown to stun prey when it strikes them and that sails back to the hunter if it misses its target
dingo A species of domestic dog first brought to Australia from Asia about 4,000 years ago.
tikanga Maori customs and traditions passed down through generations. According to Tikanga, the past is always in front of an individual, there to teach and guide that person. The future is behind the individual, hidden and unknown.
kapahaka a traditional art form of the Maori people that combines music, dance, singing, and facial expressions
station a cattle or sheep ranch in rural Australia
introduced species a nonnative species that are brought to a new environment
dominion Rule, control
Bush A rural area in Australia
didgeridoo A large, bamboo musical instrument of the Australian aboriginal people
action song a song that combines singing and dancing to celebrate Maori history and culture in order to instill pride among Maori people
geothermal energy the electricity produced by natural, underground sources of steam
kiwifruit a small, fuzzy, brownish-colored fruit with bright green flesh
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