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Latin America

Llanos A large, grassy, treeless area in South America, used for grazing and farming.
Cerrado A savanna that has flat terrain and moderate rainfall, which make it suitable for farming.
Pampas A vast area of grassland and rich soil in south-central South America.
Greater Antilles Made up of the larger islands in the Caribbean.
Lesser Antilles The smaller islands in the region southeast of Puerto Rico.
Push factor A factor that causes people to leave their homelands and migrate to another region.
Pull factor A factor that draws or attracts people to another location.
Rainforest A forest region located in the Tropical Zone with a heavy concentration of different species of broadleaf trees.
Slash-and-burn A way of clearing fields for planting by cutting trees, brush, and grasses and burning them.
Terraced farming An ancient technique for growing crops on hillsides or mountain slopes, using step-like horizontal fields cut into the slopes.
Infrastructure The basic support systems needed to keep an economy going, including power, communications, transportation, water, sanitation, and education systems.
Spanish conquest The conquering of the Native Americans by the Spanish.
Tenochtitlan The ancient Aztec capital, the site of Mexico City today.
Mestizo People of mixed Spanish and Native American heritage.
Maquiladora A factory in Mexico that assembles imported materials into finished goods for export.
NAFTA An important trade agreement creating a huge zone of cooperation on trade and economic issues in North America.
Cultural hearth The heartland or place of origin of a major culture; a site of innovation from which basic ideas, materials, and technology diffuse to other cultures.
Panama Canal A ship canal cut through Panama connecting the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean.
Calypso A style of music that began in Trinidad and combines musical elements from Africa, Spain, and the Caribbean.
Reggae A style of music that developed in Jamaica in the 1960s and is rooted in African, Caribbean, and American music, often dealing with social problems and religion.
Informal economy An economy which takes place outside official channels, without benefits or protection for workers.
Inca A member of the Quechan peoples of South America who built a civilization in the Andes Mountains in the 15th and 16th centuries.
Quechua The language of the Inca Empire, now spoken in the Andes highlands.
Mercosur An economic common market that began operating in the southern cone of South America in 1995.
Carnival The most colorful feast day in Brazil.
Samba A Brazilian dance with African influences.
Capoeira A martial art and dance that developed in Brazil from Angolans who were taken there by the Portuguese from Africa.
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