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Vocab. Ch. 2

action research A form of applied research designed to answer a specific school-or classroom-related question.
certification Special recognition by a professional organization indicating that an individual has met certain requirements specified by the organization.
credentials file A collection of important documents teachers need to submit when they apply for teaching positions.
formative evaluation The process of gathering information and providing feedback that teachers can use to improve their practice.
induction programs Professional experiences for beginning teachers that provide systematic and sustained assistance to ease the transition into teaching.
licensure The process by which a state evaluates the credentials of prospective teachers to ensure that they have achieved satisfactory levels of teaching competence and are morally fit to work with youth.
mentors Experienced teachers who provide guidance and support for beginning teachers.
Summative evaluation The process of gathering information about a teacher's competence, often for the purpose of making administrative decisions about retention and promotion.
resume A document that provides an overview of an individual's job qualifications and work experience.
Merit pay A supplement to a teacher's base salary intended to reward superior performance or work in a high-need area.
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