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Afghanistan Review

Review for quiz on Afghanistan

Space launch center in Central Asia Baikonur
Treeless plains covered with grassland vegetation found in much of Central Asia steppes
Salt lake, located in Central Asia, which has shrunk about 40% since the 1960's Aral Sea
Mountain range in eastern Afghanistan Hindu Kush
One of the rivers in Central Asia which is used for irrigation necessary for the cultivation of cotton in Central Asia Amu Darya or Syr Darya
Fossil fuel which is an important natural resource in Central Asia petroleum, coal, or natural gas
Overland Trade route connecting Europe and Asia Silk Road
Important city which grew up in Uzbekistan along the Silk Road Samarkand
Religion of the majority of people in Central Asia Islam
Desert in Central Asia Kara Kum or Kyzyl Kum
Important cash crop grown in area around the Aral Sea; known as "white gold" cotton
Central Asian natural resource which is used as fuel for atomic (nuclear) energy Uranium
City which grew up at an oasis along the Silk Road in modern day Uzbekistan Samarakand
Country, which for most of the 20th century, counted 5 Central Asian countries among its republics USSR (Soviet Union)
Largest country in Central Asia Kazahkstan
Only Central Asian country which was NOT part of the former Soviet Union Afghanistan
Group which opposed the communist government which gained control of Afghanistan in 1978 Mujahedin
Islamic militant group which gained control of Afghanistan when the Soviet Union withdrew in 1989 Taliban
One way in which Taliban limited women's rights in Afghanistan Women not allowed to work Girls not allowed to attend school Women not allowed in public without male companion
Terrorist leader who was given protection in Afghanistan by the Taliban government Osama bin Laden
Terrorist group led by Saudi-born Osama bin Laden al-Qaeda
Mastermind of terrorist attack on the USA on September 11, 2001 Osama bin Laden
Country to which many Taliban and al-Qaeda fled after October 2001 by USA and other countries Pakistan
Man who became the elected President of Afghanistan in 2004 Hamid Karzai
US President who re-focused USA attention on Afghanistan rather than Iraq Barak Obama
Chief Military commander for Afghanistan appointed by President Obama Lt. General Stanley Mc Chrystal
Afghan refugee whose picture appeared on a National Geographic Magazine in 1985; known for many years simply as "Afghan girl" Sharbat Gula
Created by: dfred