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rehab knee

Q Angle what are you measring for when you place the center of the goni over the patella, one arm is parallel to the crest of the tibia and the other arm points toward the ASIS
90 degrees flex what angle of knee flexion during a squat does patellofemoral compression peak
30 degrees flex what angle of knee flex during open chain leg ext with an ankle weight does the patellofemoral compression peak
Supports the post cap to prevent hyperext what is the primary function of gastroc at the knee during weight-bearing activities
Help maintain mobility of the patella when the tibiofemoral joint is immobilized why are quad sets important following knee surgery
Strengthen in the pain-free ranges (0-45 & above 90) what should be done if a patient has patellofemoral pain from 45-90 degrees of knee flexion during strengthening exercises
Irritation of embryological synovial tissue that remains around the patella what is plica syndrome, and where does the patient usually have pain
Inflammation of the growth plate in the inf patella due to traction forces, that occurs during adolescence what is Sinding-Larsen-Johansson syndrome
Lateral retinacular release, hemarthrosis what is the most commonly performed surgery for patellofemoral pain, and what is its most common complication
Injury to the ACL, MCL and medial meniscus all at once what is the "unholy triad"
A blow to the lateral side of the knee how does the "unholy triad" usually happen
Open chain should be from 90-40 degrees flex within what ROM should open chain quad strengthening be taught for patients with an ACL injury
Closed chain should be from 60-0 degrees flex within what ROM should closed chain quad strengtheing be taught for patients with an ACL injury
Avoid anterior translation forces to the tibia, which increases stress to the ACL why should a patient with an ACL injury be taught open and closed chain quad strengthening within a certain ROM
Prevent shearing forces at the knee that stress the graft after ACL surgery why should the knees stay behind the toes when squatting
When AROM for knee ext is less than PROM due to inhibition or dysfunction of the quadriceps what is extensor lag
Causes ant translation of the femur due to the force of gravity, which will place excessive stress on the graft why should patients avoid downhill walking and jogging during rehab for PCL reconstruction
Set the seat as high as possible to prevent excessive knee flex what precautions should be taken after meniscal repair for the Stationary bike
Do not go beyond 45 degrees knee flex for 4 wks and 60-70 for 8 wks what precautions should be taken after meniscal repair for Lunges/squats
No deep squatting/lunging for 4-6 months what precautions should be taken after meniscal repair for Lunges/squats
None for 8 wks, then limit motion to 0-60 what precautions should be taken after meniscal repair for the Leg Press
None for 8 wks what precautions should be taken after meniscal repair for the Hamstring Curl
Created by: llacorte
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