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More Geo ch.5


Literary tradition a language that is written as well as spoken
Quentin Atkinson New Zealand biologist – argues that languages originated in Africa because they are more complex in Africa than outside of Africa
Quechan most widely used language family in the western hemisphere other than Indo-European - Andes Mountains
UN official and working languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
Franglais French and English
Spanglish Spanish and English
Denglish German and English
Received Pronunciation standard language of England
Catalan language of Andorra
Balear dialect spoken in Balearic Islands
Galician dialect or different language than Portuguese?
Switzerland official languages German, French, Italian, Romansh
Belgium south Walloons - French Wallonia
Belgium north Flemings - Flemish Flanders
Basque Europe's only isolated language Pyrenees Mountains
Icelandic not isolated - North Germanic has changed less than any other Germanic
Welsh Brythonic Celtic official language in Wales
Cornish Brythonic Celtic revived in Cornwall, UK
Breton Brythonic Celtic Brittany, France Declining language
Irish Goidelic Celtic Ireland
Scottish Gaelic Goidelic Celtic Scotland
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda revived Hebrew, created over 4,000 new words
Myaaima Miami Native American Tribe, revived by Daryl Baldwin
Created by: imr36093
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