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More Geo ch.4

Culture and Social Media

Cricket UK and former British colonies
Ice hockey colder climates
Wushu (martial arts) China
Baseball N. America, Caribbean, Japan
Distinctive football Australia
Lacrosse Iroquois, Canada, parts of New England
Burqa covers entire face and body with net to see through
Hijab practice of covering the head
Niqab a veil that covers the bottom half of the face
Coke leader in Western Hemisphere, preferred in Israel
Pepsi Quebec, associated with communist Russia, preferred in countries surrounding Israel
Muslim pork taboo because pigs take up too many resources
Hindu cow taboo because cows are a source of oxen, which are important
Pitched roof runoff of snow in wet/cold climates
temperate climates windows face south for the sun’s heat and light
hot climates flat roofs and small windows - protect the inside from the heat
Java door face south - direction of the South Sea Goddess who holds the key to earth
Fiji and China Eastern wall is sacred
Madagascar west is most important, northeast is most sacred, northern wall is for ancestors, beds placed against the eastern wall and face north
Lao people beds arranged so heads opposite neighbor’s heads and feet opposite neighbor’s feet
Yuan and Shan heads face east, staircases can’t face west
Fred Kniffen 3 major hearths of folk houses in the US
New England box shaped with a central hall
Mid Atlantic “I” shaped, 2 stories, 1 room deep, 2 rooms wide
Lower Chesapeake/Tidewater 1 story with steep roof and chimneys at each end
Banned technology Cold War – communist Eastern Europe tried to block Western Europe TV signals Satellite technology – easy to smuggle China restricts social media apps
Blocked content Developing countries view this as economic and cultural imperialism Developing countries block content to respect traditional folk culture Political, social, and security content are censored
Violated user rights Governments harass citizens because of internet activity Women and LGBTQ communities have been targeted 3 worst countries – Iran, Syria, and China Internet has suffered the most in recent years – Russia and Turkey
Created by: imr36093
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