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Latin America test 2

flashcards and games to help you prepare for the Latin America test, day 2.

How would you describe the Native Amazonians. They are resourceful people who have lived in the rain forest without harming it for thousands of years.
What is the Native Amazonian interest in the rain forest? They would like a land reserve set aside so others cannot claim and alter their land.
How would describe the settlers? These Brazilians were persuaded by the government to move to the rain forest, and create small farms and towns.
What is the settler interest in the rain forest? They would like to build more farms and modernize the rain forest.
How would you describe the ranchers? They clear the land so there is space for their cattle to roam.
What is the rancher interest in the rain forest? The ranchers would like to clear more of the rain forest so they have room for their cattle.
How would you describe the rubber tappers? The rubber tappers have lived in the rain forest for hundreds of years. They tap the rubber trees and sell the rubber to maintain their way of life.
What is the rubber tapper interest in the rain forest. They would like to be left alone. Their trees need a lot of room to grow, so they would like the rain forest to remain untouched.
How would you describe the environmentalists? They do not live in the rain forest, yet want it to remain untouched to benefit the environment.
What is the environmentalist interest in the rain forest? They would like for it to remain untouched.
How would you describe the government leaders? They are interested in making the most money they can for the country.
What is the government leader interest in the rain forest? They would like to modernize the rain forest and raise as much money as possible for the rain forest.
What is the relative location of the Panama Canal? It is on the Panama Isthmus, just north of South America, with the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West.
What European country first came up with the idea of crossing Panama, hauling their boats across 30-40 mile roads to reach the other side? Spain
What was the primary reason for building the Panama Railway? the California gold rush
What are the 5 hardships that the French faced while attempting to build the canal? 1. construction was not led by an engineer 2. land was mountainous and rocky 3. rivers crossed the canal 4. tropical diseases 5. mudslides and floods
Why was the US interested in taking over the canal? the California gold rush and easy transportation
Why did President Roosevelt decide to support the Panamanians in their fight for independence? so the US could gain control of the Panama Canal
Describe the 3 lock system The locks acted as gates so that the water could rest at different levels at either side. They helped connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that were at two different levels.
Who decided to hand the canal back to the Panamanians, and in what year did it finally take place. President Jimmy Carter made the decision in 1977, but the handover did not take place until 1999.
What is a conquistador? a conqueror
How did conquistadors change the population and culture in Latin America? The destroyed the natives' ways of life, taking over their land and making them slaves.
Where were the Incas located and what were they known for. Location: Andes Mountains Known for: gold temples and statues
Where were the Indians of the Amazon located and what were they known for? Location: Amazon Basin Known for: slash and burn agriculture
Where were the Araucanian Indians located and what were they known for? Location: Southern Andes Mountains Known for: holding off the Spanish for a long time
Why did the Indians not welcome the conquistadors? The conquistadors took over their land and ruined their way of life.
What is a viceroyality? Similar to a colony, it was a large area of land controlled by either Spain or Portugal. The viceroyality was led by the viceroy.
What is an encomenda? A large estate granted to wealthy Spaniards.
What was the job of the Indians and mestizos on the encomendas? They were servants who usually worked in the fields.
After each revolution, who became the new leader of the nation? the leader of that revolution
Why did the revolutions continue to happen? The poor workers did not see the change that was promised.
Why was Brazil different than the viceroyalities controlled by Spain? The king and queen of Brazil lived in Brazil and so they treated the native people better. They lived more peacefully than the Spanish.
Created by: Bigelow6B