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Central America

Main Idea mountains, coastal plains, and rain forests are the main landforms that support the region's economy
coastal plains the lowlands next to the seacoast
rain forests heavily wooded forests that may receive more than 100 inches of rain per year
archipelago chain of islands
sugarcane grown on the coastal plains of the Caribbean Islands and is the leading crop
coffee beans grows well in the rich volcanic, cool mountains of Central America
Main Idea Earthquakes and volcanoes affect daily life and economic activities in the region
tectonic plate a part of Earth's crust
Caribbean Islands tips of ancient volcanoes create by tectonic plate movement
seismic causing or having to do with earthquakes
critical systems extremely important services and supplies that a community needs
Main Idea Central American rain forests are an important economic resource for the region
ecosystem a place where plants and animals rely on the environment to survive
deforestation the loss of forest, due to grazing cattle, commercial farmland, value of timber, firewood, small farms
fertile able to produce plentiful crops
tourism the travel industry
shade coffee grows under the protection of trees and helps preserve soil quality
Main Idea People can save their region's valuable resources by revisiting traditional ideas and finding new economic solutions
extinction dying out completely
poachers people who hunt or fish illegally
hatcheries places designed for hatching eggs
canopy the tops of trees that create a roof over the rain forest
landforms of Central America mountains, coastal plains, rain forest
isthmus a narrow strip connection two large land areas
Created by: JudyDavenport
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