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LIGHT BLUE TUBE TOP Na Citrate Coagulation
GRAY TUBE TOP Na Flouride Glucose
GREEN TUBE TOP Na Heprin Chemestry
DARK BLUE TUBE TOP Na Heprin Toxicology
YELLO TUBE TOP Blood Culture
RED TUBE TOP No chemicals
3 ARTERIES IN ARM Brachial Radial Ulnar
4 VEINS FOR BLOOD SAMPLES Median cubital Basilic- pinky sideCephalic- thumb side Median Vein- middle of lower arm crosses over
VEIN USED MOST Median Cubital
WHERE BLOOD CELLS PRODUCE Bone marrow Lymp nodes thymus spleen
STEPS TO A CLOT Uncoagulated blood calcium utilized prothrobin turns to thromin fibrinogen turns to fibrin clot forms
WHY CHEMICAL USED IN TUBES Preserve blood or to excellerated clotting
SERUM Fibrin= clot
PLASMA Fibrinogen= no clot
CLOTTING Fibrinogen to fibrin
ORDER OF SITES Anticubital Back of hand Back of wrist Ankle or foot
DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLE Use a multidraw needle for multi tubes
ANTICOALGULANT Prevent clotting
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