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World Geography

Chapter 4 test

People in the Netherlands build dikes and reclaim land from the sea that they call? Polders
Which two mountain ranges separate Western Europe from Southern Europe? Pyrenees and Alps
In which Western European country did the Industrial Revolution begin? Great Britian
The system of land ownership and farming during the Middle Ages was called. Feudalism
The Industrial Revolution resulted in a great migration of people from rural areas to cities.
Many Europeans now work in the tertiary sector, which includes retail sales.
What is unusual about Ireland's climate? warmer than expected given its latitude
Which economic activities in Ireland most likely benefit most from this climate? Agriculture and tourism
What was the original purpose of the European Union? strengthen trade and follow laws to regulate the use of natural resources
Is one of the wealthiest, most urban, and well education regions in the world. Western Europe
Europeans first began riding high- speed rail lines in France in 1981
Romans accepted Christianity, and Christian missionary-monks spread their religion during the Middle Ages
Adolf Hitler used the people's anger to build a political party called the Nazi Party
In 1933, who was the dictator, or absolute ruler of Germany? Adolf Hitler
England's kings also were being forced to share power with a new government institution called Parliament
Created by: kevkop
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