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Ch 20 Adler/Carlton

Drug List

Analgesics aspirin, darvacet n, demoral, morphine, oxycontin, percodan, tylenol, ultram, vicodin
Anesthetics novacain, pentothal
Anti Anxiety ativan, valium, xanax, versed
Anti Arrhythmics adenocard, cordorone inderal, verapamil, xylocaine
Antibiotics amoxill, biaxin, ceftin, erythrommycin, rocephin, zithromax
Diuretics furosemide (lasix)
Emetic ipecac
Laxative dulcolax (bisacoyl)
Anticholinergics atropine, detrol la
Anticoagulants coumadin, heparin, lovenox
Anticonvulsants depakote, dilantin, phenobarbital, neurontin, topomax
Antidepressants celexa, paxil, prozac, welbutrin, zoloft, lexapro
Antidiabetics glucophage, glucotrol
Antiemetics reglan, zofran, phenergan, compazine
Antihistamine allegra, benadryl, claritin
Antihyperlipidemics lipitor, zocor
Mood Stabilizers lithium
Sedatives ambien, chloral, vistaril
Vasoconstrictors levophed
Vasodilators nitroglycerin
Antihypertensives hyperstat, lopressor, tenomin, vasotec, norvasc
Antiinflammatories (NSAIDS) celebrex, motrin, naprosyn
Antiplatelets aspirin, plavix
Antipsychotics haldol, thorazine, zyprexa, risperdal
Antiulcer pepcid, prevacid, prilosec, zantac
Bronchodilators adrenalin, proventil
Corticosteroid decadron, depo medrol, flovent, solu cortef
Stimulants dobutrex, intropin, ritalin, adderall
Thrombolytics retavase, activase
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